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Moringa University

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Moringa University is the educational cornerstone of the Family Unified School District. Our comprehensive program offers a holistic approach to education, encompassing urban farming training, art exploration, and entrepreneurship guidance. Participants gain real-world skills and cultivate a deep understanding of urban cultivation and community impact, promoting ethical practices and family unity. Join us to unlock your potential for a prosperous future within the educational embrace of the Family Unified School District. Moringa University serves as the educational center within the Family Unified School District, providing a rich and comprehensive learning experience for students of all ages. Our program is designed to foster a sense of unity within families, where parents, children, and community members come together to explore urban farming, art, and entrepreneurship. Through hands-on experiences and expert guidance, participants gain practical skills that extend beyond the classroom. We emphasize sustainable urban farming techniques, ensuring that students comprehend the intricacies of cultivating in urban environments while encouraging community engagement. At the heart of our program is a commitment to social responsibility and ethical practices. We believe that by learning together and contributing to our community's well-being, families can strengthen their bonds while preparing for a prosperous future.

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