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A Rich Man At The Farmers Market In Richmond

Our story has brought us to the jewel that is the marina in Richmond. A farmers' market that is new to an affluent food desert. An anomaly, some would say, but one would have to see it to really understand how this housing development, nestled into a wealthy bay area neighborhood, could be situated next to the ocean and still not have a grocery store within a 10-mile radius. Our farmers market is the solution to this problem. I'll never forget my first time setting up at the market and having to pack up an hour early because community patrons had purchased all my products within the first few hours. I expected to do well, and this was a great feeling that our Moringa products would be so well received on our grand opening at the market. Women would purchase our Moringa oil like a knee-jerk reaction as soon as I explained the benefit of zeatin for preserving the skin. They love to be beautiful and our oil had become their secret weapon to completing this task or at least to know it's a work in progress. Our new Moringa seasoning with the bamboo top proved to be a fan favorite because of its easy accessibility and easy-to-use method for incorporating Moringa powder into every meal.

In my conversations about the benefits of our products, I would retrieve all the insights I had gathered during my travels and studies over the years. All my lived experiences within the Moringa industry have begun to come to a head, and my mind seems to be the one facilitating the information.

On about ten percent of occasions, we encounter visitors at our table who are already familiar with Moringa, its benefits, and its history. These individuals are not seeking to be persuaded to purchase our products; rather, they are usually intending to make a purchase but also wish to engage in lengthy discussions about their experiences using Moringa. They share stories about how Moringa has positively impacted their lives, such as improving a relative's health when they were critically ill, lowering cholesterol levels, or increasing iron levels. I find great value in listening to these narratives as they enhance the significance of our work. We serve as both healers and storytellers, and sometimes our healing comes through the power of storytelling.

How we define ourselves usually shows up in the stories we tell. The story I'm telling now is a byproduct of my relationship to so many, and it revolves around a plant that directly impacts our health, wellness, and economics. There are some who are beyond our help; these may be the ones we love very much. There are those we help with much vigor whom we barely know. The polarity of each of these situations is approached with much love. While listening to a philosopher speak, I integrated these words deeply into my subconscious, "The great tragedy of our lives is that we are loved profoundly more than we will ever know." No matter whose reality we bring Moringa into, we are doing it from a place of profound love.

-Create Society

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