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A Sugarloaf SoulJah

No one knows everything but everyone knows something. What I know about Bro. Kala was his compassion towards community and knowing the need for its healing in a safe space. This is what the good brother offered us during a time of COVID 19 transitions and transmissions. A safe space where we could enjoy the outdoors and learn about agriculture first hand without the worries vaccine passports and non sense of the like. Like so many of us Brother Kala was dealt a hand a birth that would have broken many but created within him a deep love for others that was vibrant and felt within the souls of others. Not having a biological father present while he was a child he was determined to show up in the lives of his own children. Building Sugarloaf was a way to create a safe space for his children to know freedom while also cultivating life around them. As a father of three children myself I remember my first conversation with the good brother and how we spoke in alignment to the fact that we both had three children around the same age. This was a indicator to both of us that it was necessary for us to bring our children together for a formal introduction and we did just that. We hit it off immediately and the next time we came to the farm the setting was in place for our children to work together because iron sharpens iron and there is much to learn while working together.

I remember the amazement I felt watching the good brother navigate the land with his farm equipment. As a BLACK man this is not something I had grown accustomed to seeing. I have no remembrance while growing up of seeing BLACK men in Oakland, Ca moving piles of dirt and turning over land with tractors and things of the like. So I stood in amazement while waiting patiently for the moment of my informal apprenticeship to begin. In a teachable position I remained while learning the levers and foots movements that would maintain a safe yet productive flow on the farm. I can hear the Good Brother now, in response to my mishaps and hiccups on the tractor "its a learning curve".

And it was just that. What we shared as far as time and experience is unforgettable to me. I owe a great deal of the coming together of us both to Moringa. If it had not have been for this tree, chances are our paths may not have crossed. Moringa was something we had in common, we both had deep admiration for Moringa and found mutual interest in applying its benefits.

One thing is for sure is that Bro. Kala was appreciated by people from around California and beyond without a doubt he was loved. His passing happened in an instance but his life is a ripple into eternity. The help we received from Bro. Kala was one of introspection, our conversations and interactions created a space within our own consciousness that illuminated potentials that we didn't see anywhere else. Our coming together was a symbol to our ancestors that the work is not yet finished and we are prepared to stay the course.

His love for children and gentle nature created the circumstances for our children to jump into his arms when they saw him for the first time in weeks. His constant offering of a knuckle sandwich when our son was hungry was a staple food he was quick to offer. He called my daughters nieces, he was brotherly. I will not say our time was cut short because I have nothing to measure it to, I will say there are few people that we meet in life that have such a impact on you that it radiates off on others in a constructive way.

Things seldom happen by pure coincidence, when something is going good its being manifested on a soul level especially when it is in service to youth and their families. Bro. Kala held space for young people to have a intergalactic rites of passage. This is a invaluable act of bravery on behalf of the good brother. He held down the fort for years before reinforcements came, he paved the way for healing to take place, without a doubt the good brother was heaven sent.

Its been a good time knowing you, like its said around the bay, Its always a treat when Kings meet. Until the next time my dear good brother. One Love!

Sugar Loaf Gang!

- Create Society

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