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A Super Natural World and its Nutritional Science

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

The Key to Melanin Nutrition

How do you feed your melanin?

Is there a world beyond scientific understanding? Are there laws beyond natural law?

The advanced systems of ancient times created enlightened masters, who had a keen understanding of the relationship of plants, the planets and its plan to maintain excellent health of all its inhabitants.

We have the ability to efficiently convert glucosinolates ( a natural anti oxidant) to isothiocynates ( blood builder) through the action of microflora (bacteria to digest food) in the GI tract.

What is DIoscovite? A scientific name for the Afrikan Yam which contains the highest level of Isothiocyanate among all vegetables.

What is Isothiocyante? A Phytochemical compund found in Cruciferous Vegetables .

What health issues does it solve? While this compound ultimateley works towards DNA repair, it is also the Anti Sickling compound found in Moringa leaves and seeds. It is also responsible for producing Anti carcinogenic effects within the body. This means it elimnates the opportunity for cancer cells to develop while, also stimulating the immune system and optimizing healthy red blood cell creation.

How do we use it? This easy to take dietary supplment comes in a liquid form and will be added to water and fruit juices for better taste and absorption.

Is it safe? Isothiocyanate are safe! It is a chemical compund that occurs in staple foods eaten by over 500 million people worldwide.

Red Bloods Cells with no Sickle Cell Nutrient

Why havent we heard of it until now? Good question! So foods are chemicals. All chemicals influence the mind, body, mood and consciousness. With the foods offered in the Standard American Diet it by consequence, creates a demand for aspirin and laxatives as the top selling chemicals by drug companies. So far isothiocyanate is not being delivered to the American public effectively. This product will eventually be incorporated into nutritonal and food policies around the world.

This key ingredient missing from the standard American diet can significantly increase the quality of life for our people. I know this to be true from years of research and application.

"The most high has given us a world that nothing but our own folly keeps from being paradise". Within the Conscious Of Self healing tools, we can all be co operatives toward excellent physical, mental and spiritual health that will produce a external environment that mirrors our new inner reality. This is the goal that we will achieve.

Click The 'Conscious Of Self' Button Below to order your Healing tools today.

The author of African Holistic Health, Llaila Afrika stated, "Currently African Americans suffer due to the nutritional level set by caucasians. African American women and girls are the most nutritional deficent". The hieght of civilization will not rise higher than the minds of its women, so we know the value in the goal we are set to achieve. So let us build ourselves up on a cellular level and restablish our ancestrial greatness. If food is the last plantation then this package is the key to our FREEDOM. - Create Society

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