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A War On Plants Is A War On Peace

For centuries plants have been a gateway to the path of enlightenment and it is for this reason that we have collectively moved forward the conversation about their decriminalization. Interestingly enough the profound impact of plants that contain mood altering substances has been known about within the north america experience since European contact with the indigenous native people. we have had a growing attack on the ability for individuals citizens to use plants to alter and change their own minds.

Chemical Structure of Psilocybin

My Hometown Oakland, Ca has recently moved forward with the position to make the usage and carrying of mushrooms no longer a legal issue that "peace officers" can assert their domination over. My experience with psyclobin has never been a negative one and has often offered deeper insight into my own consciousness then school or religion could have offered me. Simply said, after using mushrooms I could not come to a rational conclusion as to why this precious present from the most high could ever be stigmatized. It has been noted by prominent universities that mushrooms could assist in the development of creating new brain cells as well as, reinforcing dormant communication pathways between the left and right hemispheres. Truly a miracle given to humans from nature to advance their perception of environment and our necessary harmony in nature.

The release of serotonin is a healthy way of improving moods and making positive behavior shifts in ones personality. Different than the release of dopamine it does not have an addictive quality associated with it over time which means that micro dosing psyclobin is not a way to create a high or an increased need, it is simply a way to bring harmony into one's environment with a non-synthetic version of health maintenance.

Mushrooms Experiencing Peace While Rooted In Nature

This is a win for healers from all around who have found themselves concealing this helpful assistant in the form of mushroom in fear of persecution. I often think about Jesus The Chirst's involvement in the healing community and how he was often treated by people in positions of power and it further validates the need for plants to serve as healing aids for humanity. Christ had an ability to heal and bring out the best in people which was an anomaly of his times and for this their is a record of his untimely demise as a human sacrifice. A society under the influence of mushroom would not have seen this as a resolution to his involvement it would have been this man's preservation that would have been held in high regard.

Tehuti Serves A Ruling Deity Over Conscious Communication

It has been often that we have noticed the states monopoly on violence as being one that gives a unbalanced advantage to mechanical mentalities over the naturalist thought process. It would be overwhelmingly beneficial to arrive at a equitable place in this conversation that acknowledges the needs of indigenous people to move forward with rituals and ceremonies that honor ancestors without the supervision of colonial council. I think we may be arriving to this space and I am grateful, thankful that within my lifetime I have stepped into a place of enlightenment within my own being that allows me to honor plants as natural born healers.

Contrary to popular belief our position as intelligent beings is to preserve the freedom of these plants and uphold their sacredness in our lives and in our homes without fear of persecution. I commend my home town as well as other cities and states that are making advances in the decriminalization and negative stigmas associated with our family in the plant and fungi kingdom.

- Creso

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