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California Cannibus Prohibition

Capitalism as another form of bondage, a natural expansion of Lords and serfdom and chattel slavery evolved into the system we have today. The criminalizing of plants is a by product of the thinking that would bring about huge profits controlled by groups who intend to seize the moment, at the expense of indigenous people's land, ceremonies and rites of passages.

Twenty - four cities in California are currently suing the state of California over the process of how someone can get a "non violent" plant brought to their door step i.e. delivery services. In 2016 the legalizing of proposition 64 created legislation that allowed for cannibus to be used in whatever capacity a person consumed it within the context of "recreational". This sequence of events created a paradox for many men of color who had for years had been pushed to the underground market, for fear that the state's punitive process would convert them into political prisoners at the expense of tax payer dollars.

There is much animated anxiety surrounding the purchase and use of cannibus for reasons associated with historical distrust of human relations while under the influence of this plant. The past narrative that grew out of cannibus usage was that interracial relationships began to flourish, the social science of the phrase "one drop of black blood creates a black person". This created a negative stigma that revolved around white women and black men being involved in the sexual conquest of one another.

Frances Cress Welsing compiled a lot of scholarly research on the concept of genetic annihilation and how this created distrust and fear among groups of Europeans about African's and melaninated people's genetic materiel. Thus the rape and pillaging of environments and natural resources has taken place, which brought about the establishment of institutions of social control. Dr Sebi spoke on the benefits of utilizing cannibus as a way to heal the body as a natural herb to combat sickness and how it has been used within this capacity for thousands of years.

The conversation and policies revolving around cannibus philosophy and application is likened to Plato's cave allegory of a struggle towards the light. We have seen the benefits of cannibus and hemp and have for generations witnessed the demonizing of those who have used the plant as a health science and those who have generated revenue by it cultivation.

Once again a system of control and domination, which is the United States Of America is a by product of Plato's republic, in which it educates the public as to what to think rather than how to think. In which the darkness is preferred over the light and ignorance is more comfortable that an awakening. Why is it that a group of people find it necessary to govern over another, instead of educational institutions rising people thinking capacity to a level of self governance? Because exploitation finds it foundation on a person's inability to produce for itself. So how does this relate to a cannibus prohibition? neo-colonism is the follow through on the blueprint that was originally laid down by colonist, plants are by products of the land that has been stolen. So the root of the problem isn't necessarily the criminalizing of plants and the political prisoners who are caught with it, rather the decolonizing and deconstructed of a system of slavery, theft and murder by indigenous people and their allies.

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