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Celebrating Our Stories

Is there a difference between Super Man and Clark Kent? or Logan and Wolverine?

What does a super family look like? is it the ones who have the world at their fingertips and the universe in their hearts?

Recently we had a great experience at Afro Comic Con in Oakland, Ca. While enjoying a variety of positive vibes and classy customs it made me ponder, what is my super power?

This was my families first time experiencing this kind of festivity, what stood out the most to me is how "family" was so present. The pattern of this Afro Comic Con was very family orientated from the origin. It was satisfying to see so much melanin interacting with one another through the lens of imagination. Our children became immediately animated once they witnessed children parading through Emeryville's expressions studio draped from head to toe in their favorite superhero apparel. Immediately my wife and I knew we were in the right place.

It was Albert Einstein a German Theoretical physicist who coined the phrase "Imagination is better than knowledge" this is something that has to be applied to really be understood. It is through the lens of imagination that one begins to fathom the possibility of how to apply what has become known. It is amazing what a super suit can do for a child's self esteem and it is also important for a child self image to correspond to the super natural as often as possible. A parent has the unique ability to pull out the best in their child and the examples are vast, it is through a parents imaginings of their child's potential that they assert plans and pathways for character development.

Imagine what society would be like if everyone woke up and put on their favorite costume and entered into the world not as a projection of societies expectations but, rather figment of their own imagination. I question the constraints on any society that finds its foundation on the brutal exploitation of another human being and wonder what would have been the imaginings of pre colonial people left to their own devices and theories. Thinking only to re arrive at that point in divinity that we understand as time.

What was on the mind of the Mayans, the Incas, the Dogon?

What did the imagination of the ancient Lemurians and the Ancient Kemitic people create?

The societies that preceded us received different results based on the fact that they embodied a much different mentality as it relates to family, nature and time.

Only through the heart of a child can one enter into the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 18:3)

Many may view the conduct of people dressing as super herus as childish fantasy but in truth, the ability to reconnect with our own inner child is of cosmic importance, it is within this fragile fabric that the universal pattern of sovereignty is woven into. It is through this animation that our spirits remember their purpose and our souls continue to heal, within the child like state.

- Create Society

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