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April 23 - 25 we are building a food justice system. This is happening by planting Moringa trees in the ground as a way we can support our Sickle Cell community nation wide.

The 2 days will be festive, full of good energy, music, learning and fun for children and their families. Tents for over night campers will be provided as well as sleeping bags and cooking stoves. Because eating styles are diverse we ask you to bring your own food.

Our Goal is to illuminate the relationship between land sovereignty and good health.

Acknowledging that sickle cell’s first coming was as a genetic upgrade that defended the body from malaria in regions of Africa. It was not until our eating patterns were disrupted through colonialism and our land stolen that eating styles shifted and nutritional deficiencies become the norm.

There is no wealth without health. So we will demonstrate people power April 23-25 in establishing food justice systems by growing CULTURAL specific foods as it relates to our genetic material.

- Create Society

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Create Society
Create Society
Apr 13, 2021

Create Society

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