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Change Of Scenery

Our relationship with nature is shown in the way we relate to other life forms as well as, how they relate to us. Harmony is something expressed in many ways but, one way is authentic communication that is not seen or heard. We never cease to being a contradiction even unto our own lives. We claim to want freedom while conforming to police states. We all think good health is important all while allowing chevron to pollute our air when vegetable oil will work just as fine.But thats not whats killing us all its the TVs the cell phones and the tablets that feed on our habits while changing our DNA. Vitamin D is how we with stand it. The real plan is to use Moringa to create a source of sustainable living for black farmers here in America, specifically California. Now imagine that.

While sitting here next to the ocean I am reminded of how necessary the water is for all of Mother Nature and for the balance of not only all of humanity but also all of earth's life. The sound of the water rejuvenates the soul like only constant movement can. Our approach to our home has become all but distorted over time, our understanding of our authority on this planet has been replaced with distractions that mimic reality instead of reflect it authenticity. we all need the same things but our attempt at achieving possible pathways to obtaining it is what creates conflict amongst groups that effect our precious ecosystem putting at risk everything that makes life on our planet special.

Our children represent the ocean in all its gravity, is not the mind of one child as powerful as the whole sun? A child can be the water that we must keep clean in order to drink from their creation. It is mind elevation that one would seek a graduation a child has come quick from the spirt into the flesh to be more in tune to what is more known which is unknown to the one mature in living. How quickly we forget that putting limitations on ones on creation is obstacles to miracles being made. I figure we have got to get out of relationships with artificial auhtorities that claim to be in a position that is ordained to be in a position with more proclaim than me?


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