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Chaos Orchestrated Scientifically

It is usually with profound regret that I ask my peers the question, did you see that video of such and such (almost always referring to a clip of a subhuman attack on a Black person). Knowing that my peers, as well as myself, are exhausted by the psychological warfare super imposed by mainstream media. The constant influx of police brutality videos either ending the lives of Black men and women or looting their Black bodies like pirates on the ocean. It has become harder to have conversations about topics other than the ones that drain us the most. Like forgotten children in the desert we are dying of thirst, wondering if we'll die from the pressure or if we'll receive water first.

As I sit here and write this paragraph I am thinking to myself, this is not enough. It is not enough to know that there is wrong happening to our people at the hands of race soldiers and just pay it forward with lip service and a quick write up. While also questioning the sincerity of well paid organizations that present themselves as being with the people, but reside with the opposition speaking of nothing but reform as if this system just needs a few minor fixes. Knowing that history is constantly repeating itself and directly affecting the ones who have not learned from it, while disrupting his story to make room for ours.

In 1963, the Honorable Malcolm X made a statement that will stick with me for the rest of my life. Even though his insight on racial matters began to shift once he left America, he coined the phrase that "Only a fool would send his child to his oppressor to be educated." This statement makes me wonder why we are not better prepared for this kind of conflict, the overt violence that is truly woven into the fabric of American society. Is it because we have been throughly oppressed through "Western Institutions" resulting in a type of arrested development? An inability to think outside the confines of what has been deemed appropriate by a dominating class?

The level of accountability is none, zero, totally obsolete in relation to the "justice system" and its ability to act fair and impartial on behalf of Black people. That matter of fact is not only common knowledge, but it's also the idea behind the Casual Killing Act of 1669. In 1669, during the origin of the foundation of policing, the Casual Killing Act gave officers immunity to do as they pleased while being protected by their blue shield. That means killing any Black person they deemed necessary as long as the Black person was killed while being corrected, immunity was offered. Over and over the actions of officers against the people has become more and more heinous and overt. A reinstitution in the minds of the people that Black people are a nation within a nation, but hardly American. More of an undesirable expendable people than citizens of the republic in which it stands. To be condemned for taking a knee during the national anthem or being told to shut up and dribble are all signs that one nation is being taught how to survive by another nation which is imposing genocide upon it. I reckon this is what the late great Malcolm X was referring to when he said, "I am non violent to people who are non violent with me."

Our ancestors sacrificed tremendously to get us to this place. To honor them we have to continue the journey to our own sovereign capacity, on behalf of their contributions. Building families and communities that grow into dynasties is fundamental. This will be done, but we'll have to be intentional about it. We have to protect what we build like our lives depend on it, because it does. No more surprise visits, like the one responsible for ending the life of Breonna Taylor, no more surprise stops at night like the one that claimed the life of Elijah McClain. There are endless examples of our people waking up with no intention of confrontation and being blindsided by the beneficiaries of a white supremacist status quo. Huey P. Newton's response to these kinds of policing practices is what brought about his organizing methods and his call for the arming of brothers and sisters in the community, as a preventative measure to defend children from the colonial occupancy that has plagued the Black community since European contact in North America. Where's the lie? Free Mumia!

After the storm the sun will shine. After the empire falls our people will spring into action like a Phoenix from the ashes. It is just as much prophecy as our Genetic material being compatible with our solar system, while others may not contain the same ability to survive within these basic conditions. It was not our choice here on earth to be who we are, it is intelligent design. No different than the Fibonacci sequence manifesting in a sunflower, it is predetermined. So is the hatred associated with this predisposition, it is the root of racism and discrimination towards Black people. The circumstances make inferior behavior available to bring awareness to a superior path in the cosmos. Both polarities give insight to the dual nature of the most high. The one who gives is also the one who takes away.

Neely Fuller Jr, one of our great scholars and philosophers, dedicated his life to understanding the consequences of our collective conditioning. He wrote in his book Compensatory Code that if we don't understand racism, White supremacy, how it is, and how it works than everything else we understand will only confuse us. In 1948, Harry Truman is quoted, in relation to the American empire's growing influence, that "if we cannot convince them, then we must confuse them." So my question to you is, what's your part in the Truman show? Because in the words of the late great Tupac Shakur "this ain't livin."

- Create Society

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