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Creating Opportunities Successfully

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

When ever there is chaos there is opportunity, I am un sure who coined the phrase but, I cannot help but see that overwhelming truth that this saying unravels.

During the last six months of this pandemic we have found opportunities to kick start a healing campaign within our own tribe, that didn't seem to be as relevant until sickness and death became a mainstream punchline.

To many, these time are some of the worst events that have been experienced in a life time. To others this is the time that our ancestors have pointed to from beyond the veil, saying 'go forth and endure until the end'.

A virus that has claimed the lives of many almost parallels the mayhem of genocidal maniacs of past lives, who have become romanticized in Hollywood blockbusters like Tarzan and Pocahontas or repackaged sci fi thrillers like Avatar.

While these types of dramas depict actual events, still nothing has prepared us for what is still to come. As the western world comes to a halt we are all forced inward for evaluation.

In Africa there is a moment of bewilderedness about the low number of cases associated with corona as if the narrative is upset about dark people being able to withstand a sickness that is bringing Europe to its knees.

There is one missing element that many have overlooked in the midst of the global pandemic and that is, indigenous healing practices as a way to maintain health and strengthen our immunity. A major key!

What is taking place around us should not scare us to the point of withdrawal, we cannot put our heads in the sand and wait for things to change. We must be active, living our lives like today could be our last day and learning as if we would live forever.

We must take that trip to the ocean or plant that tree in the earth. We must take that moment of mindfulness and walk barefoot down a dusty trail. These are the experiences, amongst many more that create health, this is what is being overlooked and suppressed by mainstream information outlets, because it does not conform to the conventional narrative.

Trust me when I say that death is the key to life. That there is nothing that is unknown that anyone can describe and since death is something relative to life then it must be another aspect of growth that we have yet to appear at. The fear of death is what pushes most into a state of comfort and complacency never pressing themselves to a better version of what they have become accustomed too.

It is within this fearful space that the opportunity for external invaders begin, who only want to control a people perception of reality to their own benefit. If there has ever been anything worth fearing, then it is an inability to think for oneself about changes taking place in ones own life and environment.

Reconciling polarities will at first will seem very chaotic but, ultimately this is the path to healing. For America's decedents of slaves there has never been a process of repairing us after we were broken, so healing techniques are something that have to be retrieved , sought out or received as gifts.

None the less healing must take place, this may materialize as ending a relationship that is toxic and not self serving or building a deeper relationship with oneself that includes cardio, meditation, vegetarianism and stretching just to name a few.

What is the ulterior motive of a vaccine for the masses? a rushed vaccine for people who are sick and healthy? What is the hidden meaning of the POTUS referring to the corona as the China virus ?

Frequency of thinking has plagued the western world and its global influence has has created a domino effect on consciousness and our ability to see healing the planet as valuable and a practice to be competitive and collaborative about. For example the outlawing of hemp, a natural occurring tree with a tremendous amount of benefits for human life and instead of building upon this gift, for over a hundred years gift to humanity it has been demonized. What could have been used as fuel or additional support for our endocannabinoid system that would have boosted our immune system and maintained general health was outlawed. Instead we experienced a prohibition of the plant so western men could could generate vast amounts of wealth at the expense of Mother Earth and all her children.

Lastly, the vibration of money, money being a social construct has dictated entirely to much of human motive, loyalty and integrity, for it to be a creation of society. Money in the western world has been used as a tool to create disparity within genetic variation. Creating pseudo political science to magnify differences amongst people to divide and conquer. The vibration that would have been necessary for collective evolution would have be one of love. Instead it has been manipulation.

- Create Society

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