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Children Overcoming Sickle-Cell.

What does it mean to have Sickle Cell? Well in America It means at some point you may be hospitalized because your body could be experiencing a pain crisis.

The next question that comes to mind is what causes a pain crises? Well the information we have available now tells us that when blood cells sickle it minimizes the ability for oxygen to be transported effectively through out the body. In a nut shell these are some contemporary points elaborated on, within the western world's health model.

It has not been widely accepted within this current western medical paradigm that food can actually be a core function in correcting physical dis ease within the sickle cell community. This is a by product of colonial influence on indigenous peoples ability to become the master's of their own fate.

The first law of nature is self preservation. What the brother Bobby Hemmit has elaborated on is the fact that the information necessary to create sustainable practices for African people in America has been marginalized in a very deceptive way. When the correct action would have been to institutionalize the food as medicine narrative and apply it as a health standard. Instead the information revolving around self sustaining health practices is demonized, while the product presented by the African physician who claimed to have an all natural cure for sickle cell, was labelled "snake oil". Within the context of this particular situation this was done to reaffirm that the genetic material of African people is under the authoritative dictatorship of Racism White Supremacy.

Knowledge of self is key to defining what our future will be. our ability to solve our own problems is what will define us thousands of years into the future. We can no longer willingly put our genetic material into the hands of our adversaries for decimation. We need to consciously control what has been given to us and use it to the benefit of us. Sickle cell is an cosmic Intelligence, it is a genetic upgrade that helps the body defend itself against malaria. Sickle cell "Anemia" is a nutritional deficiency that can be resolved through proper nutrition assimilation such as, iron rich foods as well as, foods with traces of isothiocyanate available, while avoiding junk foods and soy products.

Marcus Garvey is quoted with the saying "Never forget that intelligence rules the world and ignorance carries the burden. Therefore, remove yourself as far as possible from ignorance and seek as far as possible to be intelligent".

Now that we know better we must do better.

- Create Society

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