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Christen Brown's Bio

Christen Brown is an experienced community leader, social scientist and entrepreneur. Driven by the oral history of his elders and collective experiences, he takes pride in the Creation of Society platform. As the Creative Director of Creation Of Society his work has been to connect community needs to community-controlled solutions in the forms of, but not limited to, rites of passage, product quality control, educational workshops, entrepreneurship trainings and skill development seminars. The Oakland native has been recognized by the Global Food Justice Center of Expertise for his commitment to making cultural staple foods and nutritional supplements available to members of the sickle cell community, in the form of health packages, at no cost.

Christen’s passion can be traced back to his time at Sacramento State University where he earned his Bachelors of Arts in Sociology. During that time he served in several leadership roles on campus and off campus that strengthened community relations and solved problems around food security. As a sociologist he specializes in restorative justice practices, land sovereignty and sickle cell solutions.

A pioneer in the Moringa industry, Creation of Society serves as an information platform that educates the public on the evolution of sickle cell using art, entrepreneurship and agriculture. From teaching workshops with the Youth Urban Farm Project to spearheading Moringa consulting with the UC Davis Nutrition Department, Christen is best known for shifting the narrative around sickle cell. Addressing sickle cell as a nutritional deficiency rather than a disease allows institutional change regarding how its managed and treated.

Creation of Society is setting a new standard for how to address the needs of the sickle cell community and how to successfully cultivate Moringa in California. The information platform's commitment to the sickle cell community is also changing the way parents handle their children’s unique situations. This is done by assisting families in understanding and building out an effective nutritional plan that allows them to achieve and maintain wellness.

When Christen isn't facilitating workshops at Creation of Society, you can find him homeschooling his three children, enjoying time with his wife or doing both by the ocean.

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