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Updated: Sep 29, 2019

COS Co - Creators Curating Content For Sickle Cell Awareness Month

During the month of September we continue to spread the awareness of Sickle Cell, working to support the journey of sickle cell warriors while actively changing the narrative with information about the origin of sickle cell. Seeking to find a healthy balance between what is taught and what is true as it relates to Sickle Cell and anemia.

To Changing The Narrative You Have To Tell The Truth

Making it our business to use this information platform as a way to educate the public on the evolution of sickle cell was a conscious choice that all started with our first born who has grasped a profound confidence of nutrition and its relationship to health. His position in our family has elevated each of us to a new point of being, helping us prioritize what is important and where our attention needs to be.

The Land Belongs To Those Who Work It

Agriculture is a launching pad for our family and offers a way to organize our energy in a constructive way. This will assist in our collective healing from past traumas that have influenced the contemporary, industrial world we have been occupying up to date. Being in the soil and practicing the art of agriculture puts us in similar functions that our ancestors would have participated in as well. This is a honorable rite of passage to see our selves initiating future generations in, especially ones we consider to be family, it strengthens our core so that our circle does not unravel.

Working With Indigenous Youth Around Social Justice While Healing From Past Trauma

Educating indigenous populations on the need to fight for the liberation of themselves from a oppressive system is a necessary function of life as we know it. Building with youth allows for these constructive conversations to take place. Listening to their experiences , needs and wants allow for comrades to develop strategies to bring about necessary paradigm shifts in our shared reality. Through unity , dedication, hard work and patience we continue to lay brick to our foundation so we can create new infrastructure to create society.

Shabbot Shalom From Us To You

As a social scientist it is important to understand that every interaction is one to learn from and there is no value free education. Teaching and learning are inseparable, so even as the youth teach us about their experiences in society they also learn from us by our feedback. Using art as a pathway to communicate end goals and express individual transformation closes the gap between elders and youth and allows each person to take on the position of a story teller, a experienced Griot of their own journey.

Nation Wide Campaign To Expand Our Collective Consciousness On What The Future Can Be, While Presently Being Dynamic Leaders In Our Own Rite

Together everyone achieves more, it is extremely uplifting and encouraging when we meet healers, dreamers, movers and shakers from others places around the nation who share a mutual mission of transformation. Building with comrades re energizes the individual to continue one's collective work towards global solidarity as a way to produce justice within a system of racism white supremacy.

There Was Never A Point When A Caterpillar Was Not A Butterfly

The journey of one thousand miles begins with just a few steps, the destination is not given to the swift but to the ones who endure to the very end.

- Create Society

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