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Communities Organized Successfully

Before there was a corona pandemic there was a opioid epidemic, that influenced the masses of our youth through music and popular culture.

Sickle cell Warriors have been placed in a category as drug seekers based on their perpetual pain crises, this is a negative stigma that is false and has caused more harm to the community than healing. You can always tell the nature of a institution by how it treats its most venerable members, in this case how the hospitals approach the sickle cell community through it's one size fit all model, that promote debased narratives of the life of sickle cell warriors.

This documentary we put together shines light on the monster that has been created in pharmaceutical laboratories around the world which, are still being developed today whether, in the form of pills, syrup or vaccines. In most cases the side effects outweigh the potential for resolving any health issues.

As we prepare for a new normal I felt it necessary to place this documentary in rotation. What we are experiencing is not a new sequence of events, it is the effects of causes built and deliberately mishandled long enough to enter into the minds of the public. The virus is miseducation, knowingly controlling information and manipulating the perception of those who come seeking insight and clarity. Perfect example of this is laid out very elegantly in this documentary. For a second, think how children can become hooked on synthetic drugs in a nation overflowing with material abundance? What is this deviant behavior the by product of and what are our children trying to convey through these copping mechanisms?

- Create Society

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