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Create Society

Whats so special about Creation Of Soicety

Creation of society is a consumer brand on the physical level but, as the conscious multi dimensional being and co creator of C.O.S. I overstand that C.O.S. has just as many meanings as it has letters and each meaning has its own concept that branches off into a deeper meaning that become innovative and progressive theories once elaborated upon.

For instance once elaborating on C.O.S. in the artistic form created for consumerism as well as visual images created to expand ones perspective of world views, by creating t shirts with socio economic statements and innovative methods of thinking such as “Laissez Faire” and “dream big or wake up” respectively.

Follow the Heart Of A Child Into the Future

C.O.S. in this form is not limited to t shirts we also have produced independent documentaries as well as a number of different videos depicting positive young energy and their willingness to collaborate and create positive societies if given the proper resources in an environment that promotes creativity and innovative thinking as methods of enhancing ones quality of life.

Secondly we have C.O.S. as create our society, which critically analyzes and critiques society as a whole educationally, economically, politically and militarily and has come to the conclusion, as this generation of people on planet earth we must see ourselves positioning ourselves to break the mental mode of slave conditioning and diligently seek information and knowledge that will have us anointed in a cosmic confidence.

Overstanding that the purpose of us being in the here and now, past and present is to maintain the harmonic principles of universal laws. In doing so we will become conscious of our responsibility as a species to create our society of the future, as the present society diminishes daily in moral, culture and overall value we must keep in mind that the future belongs to those who create it today.

Hard work beats talent when Talent wont work hard

Last but not least we have probably the most important concept of C.O.S. which can be viewed as having a value of such magnitude that without this concept the other two would not exist below the surface. This is the concept of conscious of self and through this concept comes a Meta physical dimension of thought and study. This concept is birthed out of the theory “know thyself and you will know God and the universe” through this concept comes all meaningful manifestation and/or creative processes.

When elaborating on this concept of C.O.S. I have come to the conclusion that creativity that has the influential power to transcend generational understanding will only happen when an individual has become conscious of self and has formulated a world perspective from a conscious point of view. For one to know thy self is to become conscious of self by diligently seeking and acquiring knowledge in the form of human capital.

Consuming knowledge is only part of the active ingredients in becoming ‘conscious of self’ being able to apply this knowledge in a naturally creative way is another and finally being able to share your findings with people who would appreciate it would pay homage to the phrase each one teach one, that’s how you reach one. Each one who becomes conscious of self can teach one to become conscious of self which will create a domino effect in the collective consciousness of humanity and bring about Christ Consciousness to those able to receive it.

Peace & Love

The guiding vision of COS is beautiful. COS is an agent of human evolution and this is a quality that places it in another spectrum of social activism and entrepreneurship. There is nothing more effective in breaking the shackles of oppression other than creation, and there is no better approach to creation besides harmony or what is refereed to as "harmonic vibrancy". Not only between people but between all things. We are nearing the end of one cycle and the beginning of another, a beginning of one that is conscious of self and its multi-dimensional interdependencies. Like you said, creating society makes the old look as it is--obsolete. COS is a catalyst for real time/real world evolution, and I think its great that you make the connection between the cosmos and consciousness because this is going to help open peoples minds to the endless possibilities of progress that together, collectively, we're capable of achieving. So yea man its dope!

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