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Create Society At Sugar Loaf

What qualifies a great time? Is it people ? Is it fresh air? is it experiencing things not available prior? What about potential? The potential to create one society that could uplift the forgotten members of the previous world.

The latter may seem a tad bit extreme but, one would have to consider how we measure potential. Our time at Sugar Loaf Moringa farm has been nothing short of amazing. It has reinforced our concept of classrooms without walls for our children, giving them a much needed outdoor farming adventure, that they have been craving since the beginning of the covid pandemic. What this Moringa farm has done for our family is broaden our perspective on how indigenous native foundational black farmers, face and overcome adversity in times of calamity.

The first time we met Bro. Kala I told him our coming together is a matter of alignment and I still feel this way to this day. This brother has given our family educational opportunities that could not be offered at traditional college and universities in California. This unique and intimate learning environment transcended age, giving us all the tools to embrace our full potential as talented students within industry founded on sweat equity. Opportunity to be hands on are abundant and there is always something that can be done, always a goal to be accomplished which is great for high energy self directed children. While there we intentional have integrated art education into our agricultural experience to give our children a heightened awareness of how environment produces perspective and these point of views can manifest into creative outlets that ultimately produce entrepreneurial opportunities.

Its nothing short of a miracle that Bro. Kala was in a position to purchase the property and convert it into a Moringa farm where the breeding of Italian Corso mastiffs are also taking place. According to the USDA black Americans have lost, through land theft as well, as intimidation more than fourteen million acres since 1914. How can a equitable situation arise from such terror, is still to be determined. Where we are now is in a state of gratitude when not in despair, for what we are able to do with what we have is synonymous with the African proverb sankofa which, reminds us to go back and retrieve. Retrieve the knowledge of our ancestors and apply the information to our contemporary setting. Acknowledging that a people are not themselves without their land. Similar to the disposition the aboriginal Australians have found themselves in.

What Sugar Loaf can give birth to is a Moringa University in which members from our community can come to a safe space to receive a non traditional hands on agriculture and technology experienced that embraces people from different walks of life on their sacred path of evolving into a mentality conducive to ascension.

WOW! I just said a lot but, consider this for a second. We no longer have a normal, we are in the midst of a massive cosmic shift. That is changing everything that we have known as common on the surface. While being thrust into a seemingly new state of being. All while believing we can adjust to the future by listening to a governing philosophy that very well may not have our best interest at heart. Just judging by history. If the future is ancient, then in the soil, adapting to a farm like setting, is comparable to a start line for the rest of our lives. Thats what Create Society at Sugar Loaf means to me.

- Create Society

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