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Cycles Of Spirituality

Today I woke feeling deep within my soul the personal journey of spiritual healing. I have begin to acknowledge that this journey is not necessarily one with a destination but, rather one that is enjoyed along the countryside away from the mechanical movements of industrial constraints and obligations. The Ocean has taught me that healing is done appropriately when it is next to the ocean. During a conversation yesterday with my wife's sister Nicole, she brought to my attention how much trauma the ocean has symbolized for our people who were brought on ships to the America's and subjugated to establish a new world. This made me think about the sights that the indigenous people must have seen and felt while processing the event of hundreds of ships arriving on their shores.

The ocean for me has become synonymous with spiritual healing and has provoked much thought within my consciousness about our connection to it and why it gives us so much comfort to be next to it. I arrived at a thought while in the ocean that this space could very well be a eternal sanctuary for multi dimensional beings. Us, as earthlings, may have found our origins within the ocean's surface. What influenced my arrival at this concept is the salt water that can be perspired from our body that is in nature identical to sea water. Once we no longer have this water substance within our being, we our essentially expired. A body that is no longer functioning nor able to sustain its CHI is hard and brittle like sea weed on the shores after a shift in current. This makes me wonder about our relationship to the ocean and water in general as something we cannot live without. Our planet being 80 to 85 percent water is a reflection of our physical being. This initiates my wonder, to insist that heaven could actually be the ocean. As above, So below. When I consider cleaning my aura I consider being submerged in the ocean to rise up renewed and in tune.

I was in Orlando, Florida a few years back at the Bronze Kingdom museum. It was full of ancient artifacts from throughout the Bronze period in Africa, most of the statues coming from western regions. When I was speaking with the museum curator about the transporting of these artifacts, statues and masks from Africa to America, we began to dialogue about the healing that occurs when we are exposed to African features and how certain energies depicted in these art pieces are resurrecting dormant spaces within our mind. I asked , How do the spirits that are associated with the traumas of colonialism attach themselves to these pieces" and before I could finish my thought , the curator replied that "spirits don't travel over water". This is very interesting to me, being that spirits could also be limited by the elements that shaped them.

When considering the influence of the ocean's current on our ability to be at peace, it brings me to a point where I can see the ocean as an ancestral laya center in which, the souls of our ancestors are constantly in commune with one another in a life beyond the life we have known as our own.

The ocean has in a sense, become a central focus point in my journey for spiritual healing and well being. I say 'my', intentionally because my responsibility is to heal thyself as a obligation to my soul's path and the same is for you.

One thing that I could not help but notice was the systemic inequalities when considering life guards that are present at the beach and the communities represented there. Our community represents less than six percent of the beach at any given time and there was never a time where I witnessed a life guard that was not Caucasian. There was even a erected statue of a caucasian male as a life guard at Ocean beach. Of coarse these realities are not mere coincidences. The ocean's breath taking views have become colonial strongholds all along the California coast. A reflection of the economic apartheid darker races of people have been set up to endure. Spiritual healing is of the highest priority because only we, can free our minds.

- Create Society

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