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Harvest Season

Observing October 31st for what it is, A time to harvest summer crops. A wise man once told me that a people are not themselves with out their land and how we observe the movement of the sun and correspond to it, is a direct reflection of our ability to access land and convert it into culture.

Upon reflection I consider all the experiences I have had over the years on the last day of October and non of them have had a relationship with the soil and its plants giving birth to food for us to stay healthy. What has been become quite apparent to me is that land sovereignty produces behavior that is more in harmony with nature, its polarity only produces poverty. Our traditional rites of passages, ceremonies and customs that would normally revolve around fresh picked summer crops, have been transformed into superman costumes and bags full of non nutritious candy. How did we arrive at this point and how do we transcend it?

We can start where we are today. Today in the traditional contemporary sense is considered Halloween, there is a whole history of why this particular celebration has become synonymous with witches , goblins and so on. What children and their families can do today to revive their institutional sovereignty is to use this time to learn about each other on a deeper level, tell stories to one another about the past, future and present and practice health as a verb. Leaving home to walk door to door in the midst of a global pandemic to collect candy from strangers in mask and custom is not a healthy habit to maintain. In this particular situation, Intelligence and tradition cannot co exist we can either be one or the other.

Tis the season to harvest Moringa in California and we have be showing extreme gratitude to our trees during this process of Moringa leaf abundance. During times when one season transforms into another it is of great importance to do a health check with all family members living among us, especially elders and young children. Somethings we can do to maintain good health is by starting the month of November with a fast which, is one way to hone in on gut health which is very important for sustaining a healthy balance within the body. Juicing for lunch is a good way to create a alkaline state within the body as well as drinking warm water with a squeezed lime in it once we rise with the sun. The warm water and lime will aid in the breaking down of mucus in the throat and gut that may have built up while we sleep. This is just a few methods and I'm sure there is more than enough ways on how health can be optimized during the colder months.

Think Moringa is not just a two word phrase that promotes our company, it is more so a mentality that shines through the darkness which is nutritional ignorance. It is our mission to utilize Moringa as a informational platform the can assist in the bringing about of healthy habits that produce sovereign states of being. So the next time we consider what October 31st is we will recognize it as a time to pull Moringa branches off our trees and begin to dry them for our tea, oatmeals and smoothies.

- Create Society

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