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If Kalief Browder Were Kyle Rittenhouse

If Kalief Browder was Kyle Rittenhouse he would style be alive, he wouldn't have committed suicide out of fear of residing in jail for a lack of Justice. If you have never heard of Kalief Browder this would be a good time to stop reading and do a little research on the tragedy that this young man's life had become and what his death symbolized in correlation to the American System of injustice.

Kalief Browder was accused, arrested, jailed and later exonerated from Rikers prison in New York. To truly understand the depth of this story, to capture the soul snatching capacity of this satanic ritual that we have come to call the American Justice System, we need to know who Riker is and why a prison was named after him and why this imprisonment of Kalief Browder consequently equalled a death sentence for this young man. So many injustices surround this story, why was this teenager who was accused of stealing a backpack even sent to a jail for men, a very violent jail at that.

Richard Riker, a member of the kidnapping club who abused slave fugitive laws is responsible for furthering the interest of New's York's slave trade in the 1800's. This is the family lineage in which Riker's Island jail facilities derive from. There is no coincidence that the BLACK body of Kalief Browder was forcefully removed from public space and stored in a private criminal setting. A setting which, represents the colonial management over aboriginal and indigenous peoples. A setting that is a symbol of crimes that, in its establishment have and can never produced justice because since its existence, it has been a consistent crime against humanity and nature.

If Kalief Browder was Kyle Rittenhouse he would still be alive. The difference between the two, is the vast privilege in ones ability to align their interests in the maintaining of the system of white supremacy, through the eyes of the colonist. Kyles Rittenhouse represents the authentic nature of the United States Of America which, is violence and death. His ability to show up to a space where a protest is occurring just to enact more violence, aligns with the monopoly the state has on violence. He is now allowed back into society not as a murderer or a felon but as an American hero, similar to Christopher Columbus or George Washington. The message that was sent from the court room to the masses was that "it is ok if you kill someone, as long as its not one of ours, as long as you are reinforcing the system of Racism White Supremacy when you are killing, then it is self defense.

The injustice is obvious, this man showed up to place where he owned no property, away from his home miles away from his family, to defend himself by walking up and down the street with and assault rifle until he shot and killed two people.

There was a Child named Tamir Rice who was murdered by the police with a toy gun in his hand but, then again he was BLACK and there is no room for guns and BLACKNESS to co exist in a system of anti black domination. GrandMaster Jay is our recent example, prior to him it was Plaxico Burress.

Kyle Rittenhouse will live his life as a hero within the context of the system of racism of white supremacy. He has passed his initiation into the "blue shield brotherhood" with flying colors and I wouldn't be caught off guard if he became a police officer and carried out this same nature behind the badge moving forward the interests of racism white supremacy as a race solider.

Kalief Browder on the other hand is a martyr, someone who died not because they had too but, because through his death it was the only way to shed light on the daily injustices our people have been facing in this country for too long. This has to be the end but, to know where the end starts we need to deeply understand the beginning of this Satanic Ritual that has become America's culture. Kalief Browder was locked within the belly of the beast for something he had nothing to do with then placed on felony probation because his family finances could not pay his ransom. Richard Ricker used his power as a judge to deem African Americans “fugitive” slaves, without granting them due process to prove they were actually free. His legacy to maintain the longterm interests of white degenerates over all non white people in the western world is similar to J Edgar Hoover's stop the rise of a BLACK messiah agenda.

There is no master and no slave but, there is a war taking place against to opposing forces. Our community must identify our enemy and move accordingly.

For we do not inherit this world from our ancestors, we briefly borrow this world from our children. This society is over due to be dismantled to its ether (burning fire) and put back together in a way that matters to the melanated, in harmony to nature and with a system that can produce justice.

Its Free Mumia! Until We Say It Backwards

- Create Society

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