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Imagine That

There was a strong vibration that pulled my son to this sunset on our way back home on Satrunday. He said " Baba I got to use the bathroom!"

I replied " Son we just used the bathroom before we got on road"

Anyone who has children knows how these patterns go, ultimately I deeply appreciate his need for us to pull over and park as I reflect on it.

Connecting With Nature Is Entering Into The Heavenly Realm

After our son used the bathroom he took a few steps towards the sun and said "baba follow me" once I saw how his aura corresponded with the aura above him I thought to capture this picture with Lauren Hill and NAS If I Ruled The World song playing in my pineal gland, thinking to my self.

"And then we'll walk right up to the sun Hand in hand We'll walk right up to the sun We won't land"

Im glad that children are the teachers of man, women being the first teacher of a child. We have so much to learn, first lesson is that there is much power in vulnerability. Growth is a process of being uncomfortable, Evolution comes after solitude and Life is Good

- Creso

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