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Immortal Cells and DMT (Must Read)

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Henrietta Lacks is known as “immortal” for a reason—though she died of cervical cancer in 1951, scientists have used her extraordinary cells countless times since.

The concept of mental health in the original indigenous community in North America is a conversation that has enormous power but, is often stigmatized and eluded. How do we expect to operate effectively and independently if we do not consider our mental health to be of the highest priority. In the hermetic text that evolved out of the kemitic sciences mental health is considered to be the basis and foundation to all manifestation. If we can implement some of the aspects of ancient civilization that serve to benefit us, than our observation and elevation of our mentality would be the starting point to creating our society.

Our collective struggle through out the last four centuries has put us face to face with terrorism of the highest degree (MAAFA). Our ancestors were placed in situations that we couldn't even fathom how we could cope with such heinous experiences. As of yet we have not created a environment to check our collective mental health as a people who have survived captivity under a sub human cultural contact. The fact that our ability to create such a platform for ourselves has not happened now is a good example of a shattered consciousness and fractured identity.

Time in a Church or a Mosque have become centers of healing and help from a ideological vantage point ground in a organized and systematic way of being human. What is the underlying truth of these religious movements is that they have also played a role in the trauma that is perpetuated by colonial forces. What we need is a entirely new process that can serve as a rite of passage into a new way of thinking and being. Taking into account that the same group of people who were responsible for hanging us from trees, raping our women , molesting our children and castrating our brothers have become our public school administrators, Judges, Wardens , Doctors and Police chiefs. In the words of the late great Marvin Gaye, " This Aint Living"- Inner City Blues.

Dimethyltryptamine also known as DMT is a naturally produced chemical substance that is produced inside of the brain by our pineal gland. This knowledge can serve as the basis of mental health, moving us from a place of ignorance to a higher sense of awareness. Indigenous groups around the world that have a higher vibration of melanin being produced, have a more optimized functioning pineal gland which creates a higher concentration of DMT. So what is the history of this intense naturally-occurring psychedelic that's found endogenously in the human body. It has been known about for thousands of years and has been highly regraded as the foundation for spiritual development in civilizations, pre colonial contact.

More recently the extraction and usage of DMT has been label a scheduled 1 controlled substance, let me remind you that Dimethyltryptamine naturally occurs in human beings and plant life. The usage and possession of DMT has been held in high regard as a introduction into sacred ceremonies by our ancestors and now it is illegal.

So I pose the question to you reader before I wrap this up, If Dimethyltryptamine is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies and we posses this "spiritual molecule" which secretes out of our pineal gland but, it is illegal for us to have it, what does that say about our current state within this system?

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