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Health - Education & Agriculture

The intersection of Health - Education and Agriculture is beginning to have a incredible impact on today’s youth

What is considered ‘woke’ is a heightened ability to adapt to plant based food choices, the longer you can support your whole body on an alkaline diet the more awaken one is considered.

There is only one election taking place and it is concurrent , everlasting and along the lines of  nutrition, meditation and self elevation.

This concept of nutrition has become incredibly polarized over the last decade through informative documentaries like meet your meat and a few others that I cant recall off the top of my head but, the information regarding using food as fuel has evolved entirely over the last generations.

Children who have grown up on happy meals have vowed to never do business with Ronald Mcdonald, even Ronald has come forth as fraud who tricked millions of children out of their youth but, then what else would you expect from a clown.

Its time we get serious about what impact we can have on our planet as a collective of unique individuals working hand and hand to create a climate that can sustain our future earth. What seems like common sense has drifted unto an entirely different lens. What once was once perceived as justice has been converted as someone else's job. It is up to everyone to take strides to persevere the gorgeous planet we live on, this is just a example of how it can be done. How we did it, One Day!

- Cres0

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