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Metamorphosis, Moringa and Melanin

Sickle Cell Awareness month has brought us into a new reality and a new situation for us to understand our relationship to GOD and the UNIVERSE. Knowledge of self gives us insight into what life is like for an advance being , it is our ability to acknowledge that every problem is a opportunity for a creative solution. The problem for the caterpillar is the process that brings it into a cocoon, the prerequisite for evolving into the butterfly it was destined to become. This metamorphosis is central to every spiritual system known to humanity.

This situation of Sickle Cell as we have known today is a superior space to be in. It represents a new paradigm for human existence. How so? well, only an advance being could survive what we have collectively experienced. No matter how much pain or suffering we have persevered through our persecution and this is not even our final stage. The genetic material within each of us represents a hidden hand that is a guiding principle for our cosmic evolution. This is why there is no studying of a molecular dis ease prior to Sickle Cell, it is this knowledge of genetics that is ushering in a new reality. A sickled cell is a stretch, a mere attempt to describe what is unknown to the observer about how a metamorphosis manifests within GOD's creation.

The sickled cell is in the process of becoming, while also being the origin. It is not necessarily the strong who survive but, better yet this most equipped to adapt to a changing environment. This is show in north and west Africa where a medical anomaly classified as Sickle Cell was "discovered". What this means is that this genetic upgrade that defended the body during a changing environment represented the alchemy that composes the energy within every Sickle Cell warrior. The substance that creates a Sickling cell is something that is explained from a outside observer but, not often described by a warrior totally in control of their genetic expressions.

The narrative associated with sickle cell has become more in alignment with hyper capitalism in a way that promotes a Rockefeller approach to making commodities out of Genetic material. What we can do is arrive at the notion that the food we put into our bodies is information that nourishes our bodies on a cellular level. This is solution based thinking. Eating like GODS is the polarity to the standard American diet which produces a sad outcome for all who indulge. The trauma that has been associated with Sickle Cell warriors is true. It is the truth that Sickle Cell warriors have been labeled drug seekers during a opioid crisis in America but, these drugs were given to our community while being treated as patients in hospital. It is true that members of the sickle cell community are having organs removed based on their government issued doctors recommendations. Any body who is a descendant of slaves in America already has insight on the trauma that engineered the African in America experience. This path that our ancestors have had to walk in the North American wilderness is a time that has predated the diagnosis of sickle cell, so my question is when did the overt carelessness towards our people become a helping hand?

Our genetic material is more valuable then anything that can be bought or sold on the blockchain or the stock market. Our ability to know it in depth , control it and fortify it will give us a upper hand in every situation. The alternative to this is a lack of body freedom that will continue trauma for generations to come. The metaphysical energy that animates our world is woven into our DNA so to disregard the power of creation will leave us dependent upon a community that has never wanted the best for us. You know the ones that want you doing good but never better than them. During Sickle Cell awareness month we will be fasting from animal products entirely as a way to accelerate our genetic evolution while managing our sickle cell variation holistically.

How does

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