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Occupy Integrity

In the wake of the protest in Hong Kong with young people leading the charge and the Amazon rain forest that has been burning for the last three weeks, we are reminded that the fight for global harmony is a marathon not a race.

Anarchy and mistrust are by products of political corruption, lies and deception. What we all experienced in 2011 with the Arab springs snow balled into North America's occupy protest which has seemingly influenced the debate on universal suffrage in Hong Kong.

Our global system is shifting to a more harmonic state and is going through much pain and discomfort on the way to achieving a balanced dream state. We have been experiencing a collective nightmare for too long. The children are young and naive to the doings of politics nature of war without bloodshed, the old are weak and tired with much lip service to how things used to be and how the should be. The youth are able to actualize the planets dream of being able to direct its own destiny towards its higher self.

We have been dwelling within our lower nature for far too long, what has seemed like one enlightened teacher or prophet that has come within the ranks of every generation must be us all now. We must all take within us the light of consciousness and create a collective a condition that soothes the soars that are the cause and effect of greed.

Below is a short documentary we put together in 2012 that I am reminded of now that chaos has become the norm and order sometimes seems out of reach.

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