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Open Letter To The IFMP

To the International Federation of Moringa Producers

Within the science of Moringa we are allowed to explore the impact of dietary thiocyanate and its ability to be effective in preventing the sickling of red blood cells. The ratio of Sickle Cell anemia to Sickle Cell trait is 1:50 for Afro Americans and less than 1:1000 for Tropical Africans. This is attributed to an anti sickling agent called thiocyanate found abundantly in African foods. In the 1986 journal of national medicines, Dr. Oji Agbai concludes that Sickle Cell anemia is a congenital deficiency. Thus "Thiocyanate deficiency anemia" is a more accurate definition, for those born with homozygous sickle hemoglobin genome. Sickle cell anemia is a congenital deficiency anemia, ameliorable by prophylactic diets of foods with high Sickle Cell nutrients. Sickle Cell nutrient is Dietary Thiocyanate, the same dietary thiocyanate that is found in Moringa. It is for this reason why I am following up with the International Federation Of Moringa Producers on a previous conversation of 20 kilos of Moringa dry leaf and 20 tons of Moringa seeds being sent to North America with the intent of establishing a food justice system that will support and supply the SIckle Cell community throughout the Diaspora. There are currently over six million people living with sickle cell anemia world wide and more than three hundred million people carrying the trait, with another three hundred thousand people being born with Sickle Cell anemia every year. These statistics will become more manageable over time with nutrition education and agricultural initiatives that promote moringa being farmed and used as a staple food within the Sickle cell community. Thanking you in advance for your compassion, consideration and collaboration. In Truth, Christ En Brown Co - Creator

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