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Planes, Trees and Automobiles

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Had a great time with my family in Florida to kick off the Gregorian calendar year. Our family of five, flying together for a few hours across the nation. Need less to say, our family did better than expected on the air plane. We have a nine month old baby girl who has never flown on a plane before. Our two year daughter and five year old son have both flown before so they are skilled travelers.

My Wife And Children
Heading To Nevada For A lay Over Before Florida

The anticipation revolving around this trip was huge just pondering all the things we wanted to do while in Florida, creating moments of anxiousness just by the very nature of projecting our thoughts into the future. We stayed at our families beautiful Orlando estate that reminded my of MC hammers home when he was at the top of his game ( cant touch this) that's if I had every seen it, I would image it looking something like it. The Florida hospitality was exceptional and the state really lived up to its name "the panhandle". Having to pay a toll every few miles is something I must mention which is much different then California's toll entering San Francisco and one entering Solano county about forty five miles from each other. In Florida the tolls are literally every few miles averaging about one dollar and twenty - five cents, while this really isn't much, it is literally a panhandling endeavor on behalf of the state of Florida.

Chilling With The Locals, Showing Us Big Love

Luckily we got a chance to visit University Of Central Florida to check out the women's basketball team our first night in town. We learned of the game while getting our luggage before getting on the shuttle that's when we saw the entire Tulsa, Oklahoma women's basketball team getting their bags. After seeing the "Tulsa" on their uniforms I felt it absolutely necessary to kick start a conversation about the history of black wall street.

On Our Way

One of the hoopers knew exactly what I was speaking of while her teammate stood next to her in a sense of confusion about what the meaning of our conversation was all about. In honor of our ancestors my family watched the tail end of their game and Tulsa took a major L to the home team. Our son showed a strong disinterest in the idea of sitting down and watching people run up and down the court shooting and passing a basketball, what a evolution of thought and I must respect his mind so we left a few minutes early.

Sibling Love
Big Brother Goals. EL Iyah Always On His Job

The next day we got the grand opportunity to travel to a farm that grows fruit trees and had a section of moringa trees available for sale so quite naturally we had to buy a few just to keep our currency in the right place, we ended up leaving them both with family in the area. What was astonishing to me is the rate in which the trees were growing during the winter months in Florida while our tree here in California is in dormant.

Daytona Beach On a Good Day

It added to the information that we had researched about how climate effects different plants ability to develop but, reading information and actually seeing what you have researched first hand brings about two entirely different feelings.

The following day was when we got to meet with home schooling families and educators from the area in Florida's state capital Tallahassee.

Family Affair
Sibling Love Will Go The Distance

This coming together was to discuss invaluable techniques and methods that can further enhance the homeschooling environment for our children as well as, viewing the process as a exciting family journey. This was our second time being apart of a conference pertaining to the miraculous methods of how to approach the idea of teaching our own children full time and not leaving the challenge to government mandates and such and such. Its a stellar substitute when you feel confident enough to take on the task and the awareness is reinforced when you see other melanated families doing just that and doing it well. Raising confident , articulate and caring people is the byproduct of parents who embody and reflect these energies.

I'm not going to mention too much about the food we ate down there. Outside the fact that my auntie out cooked every restaurant on the Florida side of the Mississippi river, my wife and I were just talking about her freshly juiced fruit smoothies she served us while we were chilling in her hot tub.

We were experiencing a heavenly realm.

Hot Tub For Children
Big Chilling In The Florida Air

I woke up one morning to see my son already up stretched across the couch that was placed directly across from my aunt and uncle's room and when I asked him what he was doing he replied " I waiting for aunty to come out so she can cook me some breakfast" the first thing that came to my mind was this boy got some level of entitlement but, on second thought, her breakfast's does deserve a line, some coupons and a menu. Carters Cornbread House is in full effect.

Sunday we visited The Bronze Kingdom which is the nations largest anthropological museum relating to African artifacts from the bronze period of West African.

African Artifacts From The Bronze Museum
Ancestors Presenting The Gifted EL Iyah

A interesting fact about this adventure is that the brother that is responsible for developing this site is from California, Fairfield to be exact.

ZAra Having Big Fun In A West African Throne
A Throne Suits Her Well

I find this to be increasingly inspiring, not only because that is where I am but, also because its show the wingspan of those creative geniuses that are groomed in California and take flight to different regions to set up a base. If you ever find your self in the Orlando area please make it a point to visit this museum, you will not be disappointed.

Monday was a grand celebration of the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and why most people still focus on his I have a dream speech Dr. King was not at all the passive push over that the american media have painted him to be. His life was on the line every time he stepped foot into a public place to speak. It has been noted that Dr. Kings thoughts on integration had a massive shift once the project was accomplished and has been quoted as saying that he believes he has led his people into a burning house. As a product of the "busing children" out of their communities to go to predominantly Anglo Saxon communities to learn.

The Dream
Indigenous Families Still Rise

I second that notion, yes Dr. King you did integrate us into a burning house and while I can say something very optimistic like "we are a golden race of people being purified in fire" I think I will just resonate briefly with Dr. Kings reflection. Prior to the assassination of Dr. King his efforts to organize the poor peoples movement with Cesar Chavez was all but cut short by government agents close to King, who sold him out in order to advance their own agenda in their own self interest.

We got a chance to enjoy the festivities brought about by the city of Tampa in remembrance of Dr. Kings contributions to the advancement of thought and action, organizing and order, principle and legacy. Schools, churches and community staples marched down the streets while their bands played music and on lookers caught beads in a mardi gra theme.

ZAra On The Move Even When She Standing Still
ZAra Imani Enjoying Her Time In Tampa Bay

How this honors Dr. King (shrugs shoulders) I don't know but, It was entertaining and non violent so we decided to check it out. From there we drove to Saint Petersberg were Martin Luther Kings was not mentioned once but the atmosphere had a revolutionary smell to it, as if the people were ready to control their destiny, We liked the way It felt and it was hard to leave. Saint Petersberg is also home to a cooperative Moringa distribution company that we had to check out and connect with shout out to NUMA moringa company for the love while we were in town much respect.

The following day we had to prepare to head back to Cali ( in my Notorious B.I.G. Voice) it was bitter sweet, what seemed like a trip that held so much anxiety was over to soon. What we experienced while and learned while in Florida will stick with us for years to come. One of the take homes that I had while there is that one can find inspiration anywhere and how traveling is good for the soul. This was the first time I have ever traveled on a plane with my entire family and I am already planning for the next one, I am open to all travel bugs. Homeschooling is a great way for parents to began to take their power back, but a way for parents to project that power, is through a process called "world schooling". In which parents travel with their children as a family and introduce their children to different methods and cultures as a way to open dormant facilities within the minds of children who are experiencing life for the first time and do not naturally gravitate towards institutionalization.

Earthing Heals

Is world schooling a revolutionary educational method that finds its foundation in sovereignty? I cant wait to find out. Peace!

- Creso

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