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Racism and Climate change

With the arrival of slavery comes a repurposing of the land, chopping down of trees, disrupting water systems and other ecological systems that comes with supporting the effort to build a capitalist society and to provide resources for the privileged, using the bodies of black people to facilitate that

- Elizabeth Yeampierre

Colonialism or slavery both have their roots situated in the foundation of racist propaganda, which normalized indigenous slander to a point where it evolved into entertainment for high society. The suppression of Native American culture created such disharmony in the natural environments it disrupted our people's ability be stewards over the land they had known for thousands of years.

Climate change is a product of colonialism, it is a consequence of the global genocide of our ancestors and the exploration , rape and pillaging of our land's precious minerals. Our waters have been polluted in the pursuit of industrialization and there has never been a better way to judge the strength of an economy then if the country's rivers have drinkable water or not. Prior to the arrival of the mayflower indigenous natives could drink from their streams without the occurrence of sickness, now it cannot even be considered. There is no way we can consider our contact with europeans to be a relationship that has produced global harmony and progress for humanity.

The plague of climate change was harvested within the minds of the colonial perpetuators and manifested as the destiny of the doctrine of discovery. The climate begun to change with the the BLACK bodies kidnapped and trafficked from one shore to another. There are consequences for bad decisions , slavery is something that the global powers find justification in as a necessary evil but, the polarity of these actions are apparent in the global disfunction that we see everywhere, a house out of order.

With the heat waves in Europe, the droughts in California , polar caps melting in Antartica and flash floods happening in the Mojave desert , Las Vegas and Jacksonville its not hard to tell that what we are experiencing is a shift in the power dynamics of what Mother Nature will no longer tolerate. This is the end but, it is also the beginning, a opportunity to find a harmonic balance within ones own self and begin to normalize pursuing healing as a form of currency. We will sit at the right hand of the supreme creator until our enemies are made our footstools, this is what we are experiencing in a diverse form, there will be casualties but we'll get through it.

- Create Society

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