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Sickle Cell Symposium Review

Updated: Jan 5

In our inaugural "Sickle Cell Symposium," we undertook a deep exploration of the challenges confronting the sickle cell community, with a specific focus on healthcare, cultural congruency, and holistic well-being. This review captures the pivotal insights and initiatives that surfaced throughout this impactful event.

One of the central themes addressed in our symposium was the impact of cultural congruency on healthcare within the sickle cell community. The discussions unveiled the hostile environment faced by individuals seeking help within hospitals, leading to a unanimous call for increased advocacy, mentorship, and community wrap-around services.

While the concept of CRISPR as a gene therapy solution was deliberated, the symposium concluded that a collaborative approach to land access holds promise for fostering a model of food justice. The consensus was clear – the community must come together to claim access to land as a fundamental right, a stance that aligns with the principles of empowerment.

A poignant revelation surfaced regarding the chaotic process of discovering carrier status, often occurring at the time of birth. The symposium shed light on the historical undersupport of the sickle cell community, which has primarily relied on a healthcare model rooted in a racist medical system founded on notions of white superiority and African inferiority.

Discussions on addressing the colonial impact of land theft led to a call for vertical food grow pods. Nutritional deficiencies, as experienced by the community, were linked to data on Black farming operations, unveiling systemic issues within the Standard American Diet. The symposium boldly asserted that our food system is not only racist but also weaponized and dangerous.

A significant highlight was the overwhelming support from allies who reinforced community principles. The symposium underscored the importance of rewriting narratives through an educational model that challenges historical injustices. Analogies such as ethnic cleansing and the Trojan horse were invoked to question mainstream conversations around gene therapy.

Initiating a groundbreaking initiative, the "Creation Of Society" aims to provide ongoing Moringa health packages to the sickle cell community at no cost. The funding mechanism involves matching sales from the broader community, creating a cooperative effort to support the most vulnerable members of our society. Additionally, plans to adopt land, gardens, and farms underscore a commitment to holistic health care.

Cooking demonstrations featuring African yams and Moringa vegetable stew emerged as practical solutions to the challenges facing the sickle cell community. The symposium emphasized the urgent need to disrupt the standard American diet and rediscover a style of eating conducive to natural gene therapy through proper nutrition.

The symposium highlighted the potential of the African diaspora to offer insights into healthy eating habits. We contend that the community must collectively bridge the awareness gap and redefine our approach to nutrition, moving away from the European standard often understood as "FrankenFoods."

Recognizing the fundamental role of education, the symposium emphasized the need for awareness campaigns addressing nutritional challenges linked to historical events like land loss and colonialism. By doing so, the community aims to empower individuals to overcome these challenges and break free from dependencies on outsourced health solutions.

The symposium concluded with a vision for collaborative efforts with community leaders and healthcare professionals to design an exit strategy from the standard American diet. This envisioned shift represents a collective readiness to rise above illness and embrace a more promising model of holistic health.

The "Sickle Cell Symposium" marked the beginning of a collective journey toward empowering the sickle cell community. The commitment to self-determination, cooperative initiatives, and education unveiled during this event promises to shape a legacy for generations, breaking the cycle of dependency on external health solutions and embracing a path towards holistic well-being.

- Create Society

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