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Social Justice In Moringa Usage

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Percy Lavon Julian was a research chemist and a pioneer in the chemical synthesis of medicinal drugs from plants. #ThinkMoringa

A few years before I knew that fluoride was a poisonous chemical, I was using it everyday in my tooth paste and tap water. I didnt know what side effects I should be looking for as far as my mental capacity or in changes in my physiology. As an undergraduate I came across an article that changed my whole outlook on the history of fluoride and its usages and never looked back.

Within the last decade one of the largest counties in Florida has voted to remove fluoride from the water supply that serves the communities within this county and for good reason. Their belief behind wanting to remove this chemical is that it has a negative effect on ones brain capacity similar to sitting in front of a television for hours without end, it eventually dulls the brain. Naturally the mainstream media connected a negative stigma to those concerned community members who chose to confront mandates that interfered with their water supply calling them everything but critical thinkers.

"I worry about it tremendously. We’re forever incorporating Nazi things into our lives. Fluoride in the water, that was originally done by the Nazis! I don’t particularly like anything the Nazis did too much, and they were the first ones to put fluoride in the water. They tell us, ‘Oh, it’s for your teeth’ and all that — well, isn’t that your parents’ job, to teach you how to brush your teeth and use mouthwash? Why do you need the government putting some type of chemical in your water? I don’t know if you know this [but] fluoride is the main component of Prozac! What you’ve got is people drinking Prozac-water. Well, what does Prozac do to you? It calms you and dumbs you down so you’re less emotional. There’s a reason for all that stuff; what do we need fluoride in our water for? There’s no reason whatsoever to put chemicals in our water." Former Gov. Of Minnesota Jesse Ventura

The connection between fluoridation and Adolf Hitler's strategic depopulation of the Europeans in Germany has a striking resemblance to what is being proposed in our water supply. Take this analogy for instance, The current system acknowledges that yes, there was fluoride in Germany's drinking water in the ghettos in which people were actively being exterminated during World War Two but now we only use 1/100 of an ounce. During war times they used 1/20 of an ounce which had a negative effect on the populates. Should we trust a group of people who are using the same chemicals that the Nazi group used in their water supply in ours, no matter what the logic? out of all the things that could be put in the water, its fluoride that's being put in ours, especially if it was used in collaboration with a death system? Well what system our we in?

I would love to see counties and state across the nation and world propose the immediate removal of this emotion altering substance to be removed from our nations water supply, the compound interest of years of exposure has already set in. In regards to different cancers and debilitated neurological disorders that are present today but were not apparent a century ago.

What is needed is to take a step back from our day to day survival activities and a step forward to critical analyze what is taking place on a global level, as it relates to a minority population being able to govern over the vast amount of human beings on planet earth. Whats the method to the madness and what is the consequences of letting it go unchecked.

- Creso

- Create Society

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