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Charles Richard Drew was born on June 3, 1904, in Washington, D.C. He was an African-American physician who developed ways to process and store blood plasma in "blood banks." He directed the blood plasma programs of the United States and Great Britain in World War II, but resigned after a ruling that the blood of African-Americans would be segregated. He died on April 1, 1950. The only HBCU on the west coast is named after Charles Drew it is in Los Angeles

The logic that created the human body was very accurate and sophisticated, its embodies the codes of the universe as it relates to cause and effect. Every problem that is brought into manifestation takes shape with the solution in hand this is the prevailing philosophy of the universe. Whether we choose to observe it or not is up to the individual.

The most significant example of this particular cause and effect would be the blood creating sickle cell anomaly that arrived at the same time malaria did on the continent of Africa. What it did was bring about the best results for a group of people whose bodies were able to adapt to a changing environment, this historical situation is a prime example of intelligent design. Our human anatomy since the pre Aztec dynasty has been push to the limit and prevailed, struggled and survived, energized and evolved. We have to get out of the mind set that this world is warring against our existence, this is a unnatural thought process and is not indigenous at all. We are here in the cosmos to be in harmony with our environment not destroy and synthesize it.

If we consider how we got to where we are today most of our generation under went immunizations to enter into schools as a regularly scheduled doctor visit and we thought because we were taught that this was normal. Over the last twenty years the number of vaccinations children received have sky rocketed more then triple the number that was mandated in 1980. Why? Are people getting sicker? and if so is it a by product of a massive move towards inoculation that are making people less healthy or even more conditioned to take a docile approach towards the rising tide of mandatory vaccine policies.

True risk studies associated with vaccines are not taking place, most companies do no have liabilities connected with the products they produce which suspends the parents right to sue corporations if they're children are injured. So the risk as to the harm is solely placed on the parents. Dr. Toni Bank states that vaccines are unavoidable unsafe, going further to bring to light that there were 2 deaths from measles in 2003 and they're been over four hundred deaths to children being vaccinated by the doctors to prevent a measles outbreak.

In recent years California has followed the moral compass of Mississippi to establish its mandatory vaccination policy that would removed the rights from parents to enroll their non vaccinated children into public schools. What this shows our community is that a false flag incident will create real political consequences that will change the dynamics of culture and sovereignty. Supposedly there was a outbreak of measles at Disneyland in Los Angles that shook the entire state which effected the way that children can be enrolled into school, if it sounds goofy, that's because it is.

This year New York claimed that it was also on the brink of a measles outbreak and notified the public that no child who is not vaccinated shall be allowed into public space, how they planned on organizing this play i'm not sure but it sounds like a page out of Nazi Germany. Free vaccinations are being implement like flu shots, the news has the public being presented with information that makes one question their own public safety promotig animated anxiety throughout the state. The mainstream media is such a powerful tool that it will have one believing that the victim is the villain and the villain is the hero. How stories can be spun and even situations totally fabricated to bring about a desired result.

Furthermore companies who produce these products that we have been trained to call vaccines have created a process in which they can sell a liability free product that will be mandated by the government for people to take. If this is not a monopoly on human health then I do no know what is.

Stay Woke! the human body is a masterpiece and the serums that are being created are not upgrades they are retrogrades that alter cell growth and disrupt neurological processing. This isnt a secret, its a fact that there is not a size fit all immunization that can be given to millions of people with no side effects. Let the food be the medicine not the shot.

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