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The Pineal Gland & The Honey Bee

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Happy Birthday To The Founder Of The National Council Of Negro Women, Blessings To The Ancestors

What is the relationship between the Pineal Gland and The Honey bee? Well they are both most valuable when considering quality of life. Our pineal gland is a real center piece when we consider mental health and our perception of reality. Our ability to see the interconnections of our lives and our environments is all contentious on the health and function of our pineal gland. When we consider the process of recalling a memory by a smell or a taste we take for granted how this experience is governed in the mind. What is regulating this information and its application is a small gland called the "pineal" because of its pine cone like shape. In ancient times this dimension of the mind would be understood as the "eye of Ra" and would be held in high regard based on its ability to lead the individual to a elevated level of spiritual attainment. Reflecting on the accomplishments that revolve around ancient Kemit (Egypt) one would have to acknowledge that whatever was happening in North Africa during the time of King Narmer and before was working. The mere fact that the pineal gland was perceived as prolific during these times is why it deserves a closer look.

King Narmer, The Pharoh Responsible For The Unification Of Upper And Lower Egypt

As the pineal gland is related to sickle cell, in theory there would have had to be a message that was passed from a command center within the mind to signal the body that a threat was present, consequently a genetic upgrade would be necessary to defend the body from malaria. While the pineal gland is widely known to be responsible for the secretion of melatonin in the mind. Melatonin is a chemical that regulates many aspects of our lives including day and night rhythm as it relates to sleep and wake cycles. What we will focus on for the sake of a deeper analysis of sickle cell and it relationship with the pineal gland, is its ability to regulate the immune system. This governing process adds influence to its ability to shift red blood cells from whole shapes to a sickle shape as a way to defend the body from a foreign threat. Mind over matter.

So how does this relate to honey bees? Thank you for asking! The bees ability to interact with fruits and flowers and other aspects of their environment serves as nature's way of sending messages through out its own body in which we perceive and label as an ecosystem. Honeybees are a measuring stick on the overall health and stability of a particular region. Similar to a pineal gland, a honeybee colony will operate as a profound governing system that keep checks and balances on the sleep and wake system of mother nature. There have been plenty of societies that have engineered their civilization based on the blueprint provided by the honeybee colonies. Honeybees have a unexplained dimension of spiritual attainment associated with their ability to levitate above ground into the air. Similar to the pineal gland, honeybees are still showing that there is much to still learn about, when we consider elevation into higher planes of existence. According to the study of aerodynamics a honeybees wings are just too small for a bee to fly. Likewise the understanding provided by western psychology in regards to the pineal gland, states it has little to do with the mind and is often overlooked.

The intersection between the state of honeybee life and pineal gland health have a keen interdependence on one another. How they relate to each other is simple, a healthy pineal gland will see the connections between the profound service provided by the honeybee and how it constitutes to a better environment for all, directly and indirectly. A healthy pineal gland will see the preservation of the honey bee's existence and its own, as interconnected and indispensable. The apathy being shown to the native honeybee population currently, is in direct correspondence with the calcification of a community of suppressed pineal glands functioning from a lower nature while occupying a seat of authority. Recently the Environmental Protection Agency (originally founded by the head Watergate criminal and resigned president) gave the okay to a bee killing pesticide. If the plan is to put a bee killing pesticide on fruit and vegetables that is deemed acceptable for human consumption then our collective apathy will be our undoing. We need to act and act now, as healthy functioning pineal glands we have a cosmic duty to maintain a uninterrupted balance on our planet by any means necessary, any thing else is uncivilized.

- Creso

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