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The Secret is out!

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

This Sunday we did a thing, we let the metaphorical cat out the bag. We created a ripple in our community that made hidden knowledge not only visible but, accessible. I was recommended to never share these secrets because of the magnitude of their value , I had to reverse the intentions for this specialized knowledge and broaden the scope of who will be transformed by it, ultimately being a cosmic compass towards spiritual evolution in the moments to come, creatively.

"When nutrition is wrong medicine is of no use, and when nutrition is right medicine is of no need, let the food be the medicine so that medicine doesn't become your food", get it?

The secret is out, now we know, but it is what we do with what we know that determines the effect of our cause. We need to make a serious choice on how we begin to understand ourselves as social beings and how food serves as the intermediate between culture and people. A healthy culture is the by product of healthy people who tend to have a strong relationship, with healthy food. We did a great deal to explain some of these functions in our Miraculous Moringa class on Sunday. We unveiled the secrets of sacred plant medicines. Many of these plants have been in use for centuries among indigenous peoples creating a harmonic pulse of energy and enlightenment amongst primitive social systems.

Under the guise of health care, there is a direct effort towards personal accountability and self determination. This means that each of us is responsible for creating habits of good health as a lifestyle, that will connect us to self care as a priority. Yesterday we introduced to an community of twenty or so people on mare island at the Vallejo's Peoples garden, the process of oil making from Moringa seeds. We discussed some of its alternative uses of such as, water purification, preventive health practices for the sickle cell and diabetic community and it's cosmetic purposes. All in all this plant can and will be used as a driving force for future economic growth , research and development. Similar to how cotton fueled the industrial revolution and was seen as a cultural necessity with alternative uses, Moringa will be ours.

With the power of Moringa I have been able to invite sacred relationships back into my life by way of an elevated consciousness. When I speak about Moringa to my family, their eyes get big because they see the value in the potential of one plant, serving many uses and this is what makes Moringa so usefully unique. Even my comrades from back in the day ( the old school) have found their way to Moringa as well. We have been able to find a harmonic synchronicity within our stories of our first time meeting the plant. My brother AJ pulled up to our fall class, we've been knowing each other since 1996 and I swear this brother hasn't grown a inch since we were twelve years old. We played against each other at Greenman's field as youth in Oakland ( a legendary place known exclusively to Oakland natives). We were rivals every year in the city and division championship where we would battle it out for league dominance. AJ would usually be on the mound for his team while I batted clean up for my team and held it down on the hot corner (third base). This biblical David verses Goliath baseball game would initiate crowds to migrate to Greenman's field to witness the battle of the town's best. These times will never be forgotten for Greenman's descendants, for it served as a rites of passage for many youth. For many of Oakland's youth it was the only positive vehicle towards teamwork and a sense of community accessible in a town gone mad.

This experience can be likened to what Moringa is doing for our community now, it is serving as a rite of passage towards a commitment to global justice, peace and harmony. How do we achieve such a state of consciousness? We do It through relationships, our relationship with plants is what propels us into higher levels of consciousness ultimately ushering us into a rites of passages not previously perceived without the help of the plant kingdom.

"When the student is ready the teacher will appear".

Like a catalyst in a chemical experiment, this plant and all its ingredients, molecules and nutrients has created within each of us a revolutionary response to a planet in danger of unnecessary suffering. What we can do now is be prepared, not in a scar from the lion king type of way but, more so like ants preparing for the winter months. I challenge you, reader to begin saving your seeds, germinating them and creating a nursery in your home or dwelling space. Did you know the most secure bank in the entire world doesn't have any money in it? Its a seed vault with over one million different variations of seeds. This indicates that the existence of human life is dependent on the propagation of plant seeds as, self preservation and sustainability.

How to germinate a Moringa seed.

  1. Acquire the Moringa seeds

  2. Soak the seeds for 12 to 24 hours

  3. Dampen a paper towel

  4. Put the damp paper towel at the bottom of a Tupperware container

  5. Place the seed on top of the paper towel

  6. Close the top of the Tupperware

  7. Store away for two weeks

  8. Remove from Tubberware

  9. Gently plant in a pot with soil indoors

  10. Water once a day around the perimeter of the pot but, never directly on the stem.

This process of seed cultivation can be used for practically any seed, no matter if its a vegetable or a fruit. Whats important is that the seed has a environment conducive to its growth once its root and stem appear. This can be managed by keeping the plant inside during the colder months if the plant isn't in season or keeping the plant in a shaded area during hotter months while the plant is in its infancy.

No one ever plans to fail, one just fails to plan, word to the wise , along as were on this planet, we should germinate a seed and plant it, lets plan it!

- Create Society

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