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Sickle Cell Anemia is the by product of a history of chattel slavery that caused the eating habits and live experiences to reflect prisoners of war throughout the Diaspora. This created a maladaptation to the North American climate as well as the European eating style and perverted lust after BLACK bodies. When we mention the forced breeding practices that mixed genetics with no care for the longevity of a family institution, the consequences of bringing my people to the cusp of annihilation would establish long term trauma in the blood, lasting for generations into the future. The animal conditioning that was placed on American indigenous people I.E. BLACK , NEGRO and AFRICAN AMERICANS during the foundational years of the United States of America is still with us to this day. We see it in the prison industrial complex with the 13th amendment institutionalizing the new Jim Crow laws. We see it in the classrooms with special education and the over drugging of black boys on ADD and ADHD medicines that is one chemical away from being meth. Equally harmful we have seen the application of a perpetual slave system applied to BLACK land loss through terrorism, intimidation and theft. This has created a paradigm in which the opportunity to practice a culture that would have equated to growing , cultivating and eating our own food was given to immigrating Europeans during the home stead act.

In 1862 in which Abraham Lincoln created a policy that would give "nearly any man or women a free chance" he was quoted nearly a year before passing this Act saying " It is the purpose of our government "to elevate the condition of men, to lift artificial burdens from all shoulders and to give everyone an unfettered start and a fair chance in the race of life". But how did this impact BLACK farmers? it gave them the right to have something stolen from them again. This grim history belongs to our people and we have to own it to be able to rise above the consequences of it. We have done more for this country than it could ever do for us. We have taught men how to fish also while giving them the fish we caught with our own equipment. But the challenges that we face now our biological and they stem from the "artificial burdens" that Abraham Lincoln described almost two hundred years ago, the artificial burden of genetic warfare!

The associate press released an article a few days ago that elaborated on the socioeconomic conditions that BLACK farmers face while sustaining themselves in a overtly racist climate.Stating that white farmers are claiming that any bill that will specifically assist BLACK farmers is reverse discrimination. Just the mention of white farmers discontent to the elevation of Foundational Black Americans was enough to have four billion dollars of financial aid frozen. Nearly one hundred years into in the past our community had direct access to over 16 million acres for agricultural cultivation. Down from precolonial time when all of nature reflected our ability to be in harmony with Mother Earth. Today our community struggles to maintain less than one third of what we amassed one hundred years ago. This downward spiral illuminates that the systemic racism that we face is calculated covert colonialism capitalizing on captured land, cycling like wheels on a tricycle. Now our brothers work the land now in Angola prison while free BLACK farmers equate to thirty six thousand or so and our population is upward of thirteen million. Our challenge is our ability to feed ourselves in a way that is culturally specific and can eliminate nutritional deficiencies in a way that is reflective of sovereign people. Sickle Cell Anemia is what it is, a lack sovereignty in the contemporary world manifesting on a genetical level while being to of harmony with Mother Nature. Until we arrive at a time that reflects the freedom to do for self and the self determination and resources to to back it up, our genetics will be at war with encroaching forces who campaign to us under the guise "friends" because business is warfare under a different name.

- Create Society

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