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Uncovering the History of the First Molecular Disease in America

Creation of Society is a for-profit company dedicated to advocacy and caregiving within the Sickle Cell community. Our mission is to raise awareness and support individuals facing health and employment challenges. We are currently working towards providing essential nutritional supplements for those dealing with Sickle Cell Anemia.

Our initiative aims to obtain these supplements at a discounted rate, significantly alleviating the financial burden on our community. This approach prioritizes nutrition over invasive procedures and supports vulnerable members within our community.

The chosen supplements, a combination of Dioscovite (Yam Vitamin), Moringa, and sea moss, work synergistically to create an anti-sickling impact, reducing painful sickling and addressing anemia associated with the disease. This represents a significant step towards addressing Sickle Cell Anemia, the first molecular disease in America.

The current ratio of Sickle Cell Anemia to Sickle Cell Trait is 1:50 for African-Americans and less than 1:1,000 for tropical Africans. This disparity is linked to the abundance of anti-sickling agents, such as thiocyanate, found in staple African foods. American staple foods lack these nutrients, making our nutritional supplements a crucial solution supported by the data we've gathered.

As we develop solutions for the Sickle Cell community, we've recognized that our program, focused on assimilation of enzymes, nutrients, and waste elimination (digestive system), is applicable to everyone. Beyond our core mission, Creation of Society operates an information platform that educates the public on the evolution of sickle cell through art, entrepreneurship, and agriculture.

In addition to our initiatives, I am currently serving as a consultant to the Center of Expertise for Global Food Justice ( We appreciate your support in championing Sickle Cell Warriors, contributing to your family's well-being, and making a global impact by addressing unnecessary suffering worldwide. Thank you for your commitment to our cause.

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