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Since the successful revolution that overthrew Nepolean to remove the French from the island of Hayti. The island which is responsible for the establishment of the first BLACK republic. Hayti has been under attack by enemies of freedom ever since VODOOM empowered its people with spiritual power. Today Hayti is in the highlights of western news and media , its president Jovenel Moise has been assassinated and the strong leadership the country once had, has now dissolved into the ancestral realm. In the past decade Haytian's have experienced calamity of biblical proportion and the people of Hayti have received very little assistance from western powers to help it achieve periods of normalcy. In fact western powers have taken this opportunity to further exploit and push down the people of Hayti, still living in fear that the Haytian people will one day reconnect to the spiritual practices of their ancestors and fulfill the promises and ambitions of their forebears in the pursuit of sovereignty.

Similar to 9/11 and the levee exploding during hurricane Katrina their have been over time global catastrophes that have been done in a way that involves the workings of powerful people who would rather not use their power , wealth and influence in a way that supports the freedoms of indigenous people. There is a concept called HAARP which is the U.S. High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, which the U.S. government claims is a research program to study the ionosphere in order to improve communications technology. If you haven't heard of it before let me inform you that what it is , it's a type of weapon that can manipulate weather conditions to change outcomes in regions that can cause extreme outcomes in which will create adverse and often times deadly circumstances for people. For example the 2010 earthquake in Port au Prince was cause by the United States Military using HAARP technology. These kinds of destabilization methods are not uncommon. Warfare that seems like humanitarian aid is Imperialism at work.

Take for instance, September 11 when the Twin Towers collapsed and the pentagon was struck. Since I was a teenager I knew in my heart that once the evidence was presented that the world would know that this event did not happen the way the media outlets had presented it but was apart of a larger satanic ritual for world domination. Taking into consideration that the third building that fell, collapsed in a identical way to the first two but, was not struck by a "airplane". How is that?

There are even people who are from New Orleans who reflect on hearing bombs exploding before the levee gave way. Think about this for a second, why was it necessary for the New Orlean Saints to win the Super Bowl in 2005 after the Hurricane Katrina calamity? probably for the same reason it was necessary for the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl in 2001 after the twin towers collapsed. A form of population control using sports as a way to keep the people sedated and distracted. “Give them bread and circuses and they will never revolt.” — Juvenal This is the way that ancient Romans worked to Placate their populations.

When Oscar Grant was murdered in San Francisco on New Years eve in 2009 the San Francisco Giants would go on to win the World Series the following season. The pattern that I am describing is by design, it is a form of social engineering that reduces populations to pure entertainment seekers and not justice producers.

How does all this relate to Hayti? It does because if Imperialism and western powers would even dismantle its own infrastructures and murder even its own people one can only imagine what it will do to rival nations comprised of predominantly BLACK people. Today Haytians are being beaten in the most degrading sense of the word by armed American agents at the border.

This is happening just weeks after bringing arabs from Afghanistan. The only difference between these two locations is that America's military is controlling and occupying Afghanistan and does not maintain a military presence in Hayti unless calamity occurs. Then they can arrive under the guise of 'white savior'. The Red Cross was able to generate 500 Million dollars under the guise that its organization would be on the ground helping rebuild Hayti for Haytians. With all the money it raised, Red Cross built six homes. Before the Hayti earthquake Red Cross was in a 100 million dollar deficit, then it enriched itself through the suffering and death of the Haitian people. A successful operation brought by Imperialism to continue the domination of BLACK people throughout the Diaspora.

The situation that our Hayti family is experiencing is a manifestation of what BLACK people worldwide are facing. If we do not offer help and support to our Haytian brothers and sisters then there is a opportunity for Western powers to recolonized Indigenous people with new and advanced methods of death and destruction, the symbol of imperialism.

What are some ways that we can support HAYTI? Learn the truth about the story of Hayti. How they pushed the French off their Island to establish a FREE BLACK REPUBLIC in the face of growing global powers. Our HAYTIAN brothers and sisters exemplified the rebellion that brings about social change by force. They proved a free people will not stay enslaved, the royalty within their DNA will not allow for it.

A year ago while in Florida I was with a Haitian brother named Rico who brought me into a circle of Haytian brother who were filling up shipping containers with things that their people said they needed and would send the container back to Haiti. This is a method of people taking care of one another without any government intervention.

Hold politicians accountable. Those bootlicking sellouts who said it was so inhuman to turn people away from the boarders during times of name, created a whole campaign about how the last president shouldn't have been advocating for building a wall and what they would be doing differently in they were in a position of influence and came into office and did the exact same thing as their predecessors.

It is time to create society! Developing our parallel reality won't be easy it will be a mindset shift that will bring about our world without the draconian leaches to the likes we have been experiencing within the confines of Imperialism.

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