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"Wisdom that is seeking Wisdom"

I completed my first day of Ramadan, and while the challenges were evident, it wasn't as difficult as I anticipated. Before even leaving my bed, I reminded myself that the day ahead would entail a continuous inner dialogue—a negotiation between external circumstances and inner tranquility. Remembering that we are under no obligation to remain the same person we were just five minutes ago was empowering.

Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, is observed by Muslims worldwide as a period of fasting, prayer, reflection, and community bonding. Through fasting and prayer, I've come to understand the essence of self and community. This realization has always been within me, waiting to be acknowledged.

My day began with my son rousing me from sleep, reminding me of our gym session. We kicked off our day with basketball practice, preparing him for his upcoming season, before moving on to strength and conditioning exercises.

Following a trip to the park with my children to expend their energy, we returned home for lunch and to clean our car from our recent road trip to Allensworth. The evening was spent engaging in discussions about cooperative and spiritual principles within the Greenman community, culminating in a satisfying meal at home.

Breaking my fast with two apples, I then enjoyed a nutritious breakfast smoothie comprising dates, moringa, blueberries, banana, honey almond butter, rice milk, and cinnamon. The handful of almonds I had afterward made it easier to maintain focus, considering my restricted eating window.

While indulging in a bath, I delved into "Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind," finding insights in its teachings on right practice, emphasizing posture and breathing. The wisdom of seeking wisdom resonated deeply, underscoring the importance of maintaining a beginner’s mind to embrace numerous possibilities, unlike the narrow perspective of an expert.

In practicing zazen full lotus position, the significance of a straight spine for posture became evident, reminding me of the interconnectedness of dependence and independence in self-realization.

-Create society

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