Sea Moss / Moringa Health Pack

Sea Moss / Moringa Health Pack

SKU: 369444

100 capsules in every subscription


Why Moringa and Sea Moss / Bladder Wrack combined? Sea moss strengthens the entire body (92 of the 102 nutrients that make up the human body) while Moringa gives us the energy. Moringa has more iron than spinach... did you know that iron is a mineral we consume that is magnetic? Which means it attracts all nutrients to it. And Moringa and Sea Moss both have a TON of nutrients in them. Combining Moringa and Sea moss daily into your diet is cosmic fuel, your strength and energy will be balanced with your creative imagination. Not to mention it’s a natural collagen. Organically Grown Sea Moss and all natural Irish Sea moss *Do not exceed 6 capsules a day*

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