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Warriors T-Shirt

Warriors T-Shirt


Introducing our timeless classic-fit t-shirt, a must-have for every wardrobe. Crafted from a blend of 90% cotton and 10% polyester, this shirt embodies both style and comfort. What sets it apart is its commitment to sustainability – 33% of the energy used in its manufacturing process is derived from renewable resources.


More than just a piece of clothing, this wearable art stands as a symbol of empowerment and unity. Rooted in rich historical significance, it serves as a poignant reminder that healing starts from within ourselves, extends to our families, and radiates through our communities.

Wearing this shirt isn't just a fashion choice; it's a conscious decision to be part of a meaningful cause and a movement toward a brighter future. What makes this shirt even more special is that 100% of the proceeds contribute to the establishment of a food justice system aimed at supporting the nutritional needs of the sickle cell community. You'll take pride in knowing that your choice contributes to positive change and serves as inspiration for others.


Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the design on this shirt is a beautiful representation of the strength and resilience embedded in our past, present, and future. Each time you wear it, you'll be reminded of the abundant tools at our disposal to overcome any obstacle.


Join the Create Society movement towards healing and positivity. Let this historical wearable art be your symbol of hope and unity, inspiring change one shirt at a time.

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