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An African-American theoretical psychologist, social theorist, Pan-African thinker, scholar, author and a professor of psychology at the City University of New York.

Primarily sociologist do research because the study of social problems is a scientific one that like all other sciences need to collect data through research to measure variables that serve the interest of the observer. Also there needs to be a connection to what it is a sociologist intends to impact, whether that connection be divine or empirical all sociologist must be able to think critically about their field of study and that can only happen through reading , writing , discussion, reflection and application.

If a sociologist wants to create a solution for a social problem or be able to participate in discourse that could evolve the social climate in the inner city and urban America then one cannot primarily base their willingness to create a method of application of emotional alone because it would not be effective nor would it have the longevity needed to sustain counter frameworks. Research assists in a more analytical approach to dealing with an existing problem, it helps develop strategies and allows the researcher to develop confidence about their ability to create social change.

Take East Oakland for example, if a sociologist wanted to impact the violence in the city it would help to know that East Oakland homicide rate is 37.6 per 100,000 compared to the city of Oakland’s rate of 25.5/100,00. Male African Americans in East Oakland have the highest rate at 70.6/100,000. Among ranked cities representing parolee and probation localities, East Oakland zip codes rank the highest among those in Alameda County. Being able to do research on concepts like social reproduction and how schools systems reproduce poverty in urban cities through mis education and cultural incompetence.

It would help a sociologist’s claim that schools need to innovate curriculum's and ways of presenting information if the data reflected that east Oakland’s youth are struggling to stay in schools; from 2018 to 2019, OUSD’s enrollment was 44,538 compared to Alameda county’s 213,739. East Oakland is currently creating another generation of residents who live in poverty, who know fewer adults that are employed, and who are likely not to be employable adults without adequate educational attainment.

Why do groups behave the way they do? Who And What Determines Behavior?

Being able to make the connection between violence in the inner city and educational attainment may be very important when trying to receive funding for programs that would assist in hindering social problems. African American boys take up 17% of the district’s enrollment but, 42% or all suspensions in the district which could add volume to a cultural incompetence educational presentation claim. These students affected by policies that undermine their integrity and alter their human behavior help influence the unemployment in East Oakland which is project at 27.9% nearly twice the rate for the city of Oakland which is 16%, and almost three times the County of Alameda which is 10%. This data represents a past not a future destination.

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