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Classrooms without walls, learning is a constant process, we are never to old to learn from someone young, or old. Teaching and learning are the same thing. I learn from the old , I learn from the young , I learn from ancestors as I learn from a child still in the womb. The importance of gaining wisdom is through experience, but some things I wouldn’t want to experience so I listen, to learn from another. Somethings I wouldn’t want another person to experience so I’ll discuss it so as to have a beneficial conversation to guide in sincerity.

Information withheld can be harmful, whether it be the youth holding information from their elders or vice verse. What is done in the dark is brought into the light, what you do when no one is watching is more of who you are then what you do when you are conscious your being observed. To teach is to view the world as a classroom, to be ready to learn from life and to not minimize the path of another because all are connected.

A trail of ants at work can teach us about nation building , a eagle can teach about aviation, a snake shedding its skin teaches about leaving the past behind. I have learned from a four year old boy and a one year old girl as much about the universe as a devoted sage in India would learn from a Brahman. A mothers unconditional love is aligned to nature’s abundance, planetary laws suggest that nothing is scarce , like water is flowing, so is life, it flows for us, not to us.

Let me explain the difference. It has been often that one is exposed to a set of circumstances and will think “why is this happening to me?” I have learned through experience that it is better to ask oneself “what is this trying to show me” . Similar to the sun rising and setting daily, this is likened unto the sense of security a father gives his child through his presence, the warmth and comfort afforded to the offspring of a son who grew up to be a radiant beacon of light and knows in speech and in action that “I am Enough”. To teach and to learn are intrinsic.

- Create Society

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