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Cultivating Our Spirits

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Upon our arrival to sunny San Diego we were greeted by MAMA Makada at the World Beat Center. A cultural center in which she is the founder, curator , community liaison etc, etc. No Cap! We discussed community building through sickle cell awareness and we both agreed that our resources should be organized in a way, that could appropriate the narrative associated with sickle cell and its relationship to Moringa. This may seem effortless to my reader but, this was no easy task, entrance to the garden is not accessible for all. Positive energy is the equivalent of a keypad that can say access denied if Makada's nephew "Big Rob" doesn't resonate with your vibe. Next, upon entering into the garden there are guard dogs that accompany Makada everywhere liken to the hieroglyphs in antiquity, that display Annubis in constant companionship with Ammit. Our hearts needed to be as light as a feather, or we would have been devoured whole by the power Mama Makada held over Balboa park as its Solar diety of authority.

Once we entered the middle pillar into the gates of the garden we were asked to stay on the path at all cost. We counted at least seven flourishing Moringa trees, equipped with flowers and pods, bees and ants, squirrels and birds it was a thriving ecosystem to say the least. A constant reminder that Moringa is a vessel for all to enjoy, one of the wonders the exemplifies intelligent design. The following day I was granted access to begin our Moringa harvest, a step in the right direction towards offering culturally specific foods to members of the Sickle Cell Community. Moringa is a medicinal tree that can serve as a foundation for establishing a food justice system. The World Beat Center planted these Moringa seeds of sovereignty over twenty years ago. This particular harvest would be my first time climbing a Moringa tree since I learned about Moringa over five years ago. It was a mystical experience being held up nine feet in the air by a tree that I've grown accustom to seeing blowing in the wind on my front lawn. The strength of this tree is reflective in the people overcoming the most challenges, The Sickle Cell Community.

After a long day of Moringa talk at the World Beat Center we headed to Northern San Diego for a Moringa meal with Mariko (a educator within the Moringa community for over twenty years) and her family. The hospitality was unrivaled and the plant based foods mirrored the Kemetic nutritional plans our ancestors enjoyed along the Nile valley. It was at this table that we began to realize that eating according to our Genetics was the path MAMA Makada demanded we stay on while in the garden, it all made sense now. Before I was able to place my first fork full of pasta topped with a special type of non diary Moringa pesto into my mouth, Mariko asked me "So, what is it that you do?"

I replied "My wife and I are the founders of a information platform that educates the public on the evolution of Sickle Cell, using art, entrepreneurship and agriculture"

Eyes opened wide, she suggested that I keep this work in motion. It was at that moment that we really met each other for the first time everything else seemed to be a initiation process that assisted us to this point of contact in which, we could discuss such a serious topic over our first meal together. Alvaro, a Columbian national and the father of Mariko's grand daughter also accompanied us. Until we met him, we hadn't met such masterful flute player with a intuitive sense for seeing through government conspiracies. Prior to our conversation over our Moringa meal, he had never heard of sickle cell, mission complete! After dinner I made a request that made our night a unforgettable time. During Mariko's presentation to the International Moringa Federation of Producers she showcased some cutting edge technology. It allowed for the vibration of a Moringa plant to be picked up by sensors then amplified through speakers to create one of the most harmonious sounds I've had the pleasure of hearing. As a family we got to experience this gentle frequency together and I think it healed us all on a cellular level. Another resource to bring back home.

It is by no coincidence that these two powerful earth driven women are good friends. I was blessed with the opportunity to witness them both flourishing in their natural element, the Garden! I also think that they must share recipes with each other as well, being that both have seemed to master their "Moringa shake's'. If you are planning to visit San Diego at any point and find yourself around Balboa park on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday one must head over to the World Beat Center for there legendary Jerk Jamaican burger, totally plant based and absolutely delicious, get two because you won't be disappointed. Big Facts!

For more information about Mariko and Makada and respectively.

- Create Society

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