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Cultural Orientation Shift

How we use art to display cultural health is a pathway to deconstruct colonial influence. A form of communication and a reflection of life that exists beyond the constraints of western man. Art of all forms is a freeway into fertile space within a unconditioned imagination. It is a form of consciousness that is constantly evolving time and space giving its handler every opportunity to operate as a creator, to create something new within a paradigm of old beliefs and aspirations.

Lake Merrit Art Festival
Art by Rashad Thompson (Espirit Reveur)

Art is understood as "the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power". According to this definition art is our imagination's way of exercising, using our bodies as its paint brush and the world as its empty canvas.

There is an art form to solving problems, there is an art form to dialogue, an art form to farming and the list continues. We are inherently inclined to practice art, as children we often draw in the mud or make mess that would often send our care givers over the edge, but how do we decipher between what can be considered art and what is not? What evolves our perception in a healthy way can be considered art and what pollutes the air we breath is not art, its a fart, "far from art".

Lake Merrit Art Festival
Art by Rashad Thompson (Espirit Reveur)

We can begin to approach life as an art form once we begin to understand the gentle balance between consciousness and the cosmos, art should begin to magnify the relationship between the two, as to create traditions that generations in the future will embody as culture.

If a farmer in antiquity wanted to be sure that they would be able grow enough food to support themselves and their family then they would need to be well versed in the art of agriculture. This art form allowed for independence in ways that strengthened the community and created a culture of knowledge that could be built on and maintained for generations.

Ultimately people do not become artist. In time, artists become themselves. It is only a disruption within a person's social evolution that will lead an individual to believe that an artistic ability is beyond their manifest. When we consider the history of Black people in this country (United Snakes of America) we begin to see how survival within a time of genocide became an art form. Our ancestors how to master the art of transmutation, the act of turning nothing into something. Documented history shows us that the art that our ancestors provided the world is unmatched on many levels and the jealousy that it ignited in other nations ( particularly the romans and greeks) who could not rise to the level of creativity was the cause of great turmoil. The burning of the library of Alexandria is one example of this.

Lake Merrit Art Festival
Art by Rashad Thompson (Espirit Reveur)

How we use art to display cultural health can guide us to the creation of our own society. The self esteem that is built when we see accurate depictions of our own beauty is a form of currency, pay attention. It has been, with much propaganda that our ideals and value about ourselves were schooled out. Now we return to the most inner place within our own imagination and begin to practice the art of transcending the bullshit, while being the Generator, the Operator and master of our own Destiny.

- Create Society

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