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Loyal To The Soil Is Serenity As Solidarity.

A natural born leader who organized for the Black Panther Party as a community activist until he was assassinated in his sleep by the F.B.I. while laying next to his pregnant wife.

For such a short life there is much to celebrate.  A gifted communicator and natural leader, Fred was organizing other high school students at the age of 15.  A brilliant student, he had passed up the chance to go to an elite college and the straight road to some lucrative and prestigious career.  Inspired by examples from the civil rights movement to anti-colonial struggles in Vietnam and Africa, Fred chose to live and work on the West Side of Chicago and devote all his talents and energies to ending the oppression of woman and man by man, helping to organize and lead the Black Panther Party in Chicago

If you want to build a system, Start with the soil

Controlling one's destiny has everything to do with the relation between one's consciousness and the state of the planet. No matter how much wealth a man can accumulate within a lifetime, if his relationship with the planet is out of sync he will persist to be a liability and not an asset. Take for instance the oil tycoons who dig and abuse the earth in search for fossil fuels and accumulate vast amounts of riches, all to destroy the very resource they depend on to sustain their financial gain. This is no wealthy pursuit of progress but, rather more, it is insanity masked as getting rich.

Children who learn to grow food, will inhertinly be the one who become leaders in the generation, why? Because they can feed their generation.

Here we focus on self preservation first, then extend this vibration to our nation and our planet by doing the work necessary to understand the nature of the cosmos. The realty is that a whole wealth of knowledge and information can be extracted from working with our hands in the soil. Whether the knowledge being extracted is science, language arts, astrology or even engineering. All these subjects can be encompassed within a plot of land. Our children have found this sacred knowledge to be very fascinating and we agree that a classroom without walls are instruments of liberation all else serves as its polarity.

There is a proverb that says "see the boy, see the man" this child is investing in the planet and we pray it continues

Reconsider where our children and families would be if Africa would have placed border walls around the entire continent, similar to what the president of the USA has proposed. I like to envision how advanced Africa would be at the expense of all other nations. The richness of our land is abundant and our bodies and minds have been shaped to revolve around the eternal clock that is the soul of this living organism that is the third rock from the sun.

Mama Africa

Our species here on this plant are individuals in the human family, it has been recently noted by anthropologist that people of African descendant are the only people currently on the planet that do not share neanderthal genetics. What this means is the advancements made on the continent of Africa was done by a people who were not involved in the gene splicing with other animals but, may have very well been an authority in carry on these contributions in question. How is this significant in controlling ones destiny? one would have dive into the Kemetic language designed as the Metu Neter in which a deity called Tehuti is shown teaching primates how to rise to higher levels of conscious, ultimately to rise above their animal nature. Our relationship with the planet is a mathematical equation that places African people as chronological original one. What a huge responsibility to raise up other people similar to cultivating the land, sowing seeds and receiving ones harvest. We are in a place in which we are being called to be the authority on our land again to redistribute our soil in a way that is just and fair to our families that preserves nature. We have been a symbol in secret for a centuries, what this means will now come to the light, intact and able. Organize!!

Baba Africa

- Create Society

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