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Whenever a group of people come together with the a vision to impact community and the means to make it happen the ancestors are influencing the gathering. Nothing but positive vibes was the outcome of the the Men Win Ism event at Sacramento State university. What was once a stomping ground for my under grad stint as a sociology major has become a launching pad for our collective social entrepreneur endeavors.

Collaboration over competition was the slogan of today's summit in which individuals from different walks of life came together for one thing, the collective empowerment of community leaders. Finding pathways in which we could support each other intentionally, by sharing knowledge , wisdom and experience. What started as a ice breaker ultimately evolved into a opportunity for alliances based on business goals and expertise. A community cypher of brilliant minds making a choice to make a change and impact lives first while developing profitable lanes next.

Growing up in Oakland we learn the value of community very early, it gives us a sense of belonging as well as an identity and a rite of passage. As we develop into global citizens it is important to view our interactions and aspirations from a broader vantage point taking into account how our choices and decisions effect the nationwide and international community. Today is not only the commemoration of the Philippines independence day from Spain but also parallels the ongoing revolution and genocide in Sudan. Taking into account that our brothers and sister abroad our continuing to experience a polarity of peace. The question I pose is how do we utilize the platform that we are developing to create methods of restoration of peace and privileged to the undeserved nationwide and international?

With great power comes great responsibility what we have inherited is a revolutionary struggle in which we have become the vanguard for dialogue and action that produces liberation from external exploitative elements. Our search for financial freedom through entrepreneurship and business creation will be in vain if the continent of Africa does not experience a restorative process that produces justice. Consequently there is no financial freedom if the worlds wealthiest continent is being raped for resources. How can one capitalize off the burden of another and call it profit.

What transpired today could develop into a coalition of movers and shakers utilizing space to develop and structure think tanks that could create blueprints for dismantling oppressive agencies through organizing information and applying knowledge. Imagine the impact that could happen if we took our collective potential and become super Heru's for nature vowing to no longer stand idle while the world resources and people are being raped and pillaged. Together our generation

can make a change that will have a lasting effect on the world to come.

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